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the relationship with your family - a sense of owing and perhaps debt towards them and feeling guilty for desiring independence from them - suggests to me an interaction of Si & Fe, you live in a world of people, and the past is as present for you as the present. the surprise with dishonesty, as opposed to the expectation of it or belief that it's persistently there to some degree or another, suggests a lack of Ni-Fe. most standing out of all is the compliment of being normal... a thought which is not only very SJ-ish, but the closest thing INFJs i know would get would be "skilled at appearing normal", and in itself is almost impossible to imagine an INFJ think such a thought.

my verdict would be that you are almost certainly an ISFJ.

warning: expect a lot of people here calling you "mom".
Thanks very much! With the normal thing I meat that I'd like to be called normal, but usually I'm not (guys I've dated say they liked me because I'm weird).