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    Certified Sausage Smoker Elfboy's Avatar
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    I used to lurk this site quite a bit and have seen some of your typings. You are a very loud personality. There was a particular thread where you typed most of the character in the show type 8. I think that's very telling. You seem to romanticize the qualities and supposed traits of types 1 and 8.
    I also remember someone suspecting you a 9w8. Here I believe:
    I'm aware you don't agree with it, but I feel it fits your style. There's something very much in the 9 realms the way you speak of your ideals. Very fantasy oriented, almost cartoonish. It reflects in your avatar as well. Just my 2 cents.
    so I have a really loud personality but you think I'm a 9w8? 9w8s are the opposite of loud. they're down to earth and melt into the scene well. loud personality is more an Id, 4w3 thing or possible 1w2 or 6w7, but certainly not 9.

    I get the impression that you jump types a lot. Why is that? Genuine confusion? Ideation of traits? Are you running from something?
    I don't jump types as much as reconsider them a lot. blame the 6 wing. it's always thinking "oh no! what if I'm wrong?!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    so I have a really loud personality but you think I'm a 9w8? 9w8s are the opposite of loud. they're down to earth and melt into the scene well.
    Why is it okay when Loki says it...but when I say it??? haha!

    Elfboy you drive me crazy. The first thing you need to do is realize you are an Fi dom. The next thing you need to do is realize you are sx first. Then you need to start taking notice of the fact that for whatever reason... sx on the 3-6-9 thingie (ha I'm forgetting what it is called right now - triad?) are very different from the normal expressions of these enneagram positions. We primarily hear about this with regards to e6.
    How many counterphobic e6s do you suspect miss the fact they are e6 because of the problematic descriptions only applying to the phobics??

    9w8 sx. Yah...they are the peacemakers alright. But the one thing every peacemaker knows is that sometimes peace can only be obtained by 'going to war'.

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