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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    So one is an external detachment and one is an internal detachment.
    Yes. This is another reason why Fi people can seem so stone faced, like an ocean are they what they appear to be on the surface; the emotion is buried deep. Fe people are quite animated and use all of their face in expressions.
    I N V I C T U S

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    Detachment is detachment.
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    The more one loves God, the more it is that having nothing in the world means everything, and the less one loves God, the more it is that having everything in the world means nothing.

    Do not resist an evil person, but to him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer also the other. ~Matthew 5:39

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    Seems to me both Fe and Fi are well developed. Which of the two dominates your personality I'm not so sure. There's something else you can do which is seldom mentioned. Work out who you least identify with. There are two questions to ask:
    1. Which MB type do you least identify with (ESTP or ESTJ)?
    2. Which is your inferior function Se or Te?
    If you have a clear answer to these then you could be home & hosed. Identify least with ESTJ and Te and you are likely INFP - and vice versa of course.
    Cognitive functions:
    Fi (95%); Ti (90%); Ne (75%); Fe (60%); Ni (50%); Si (50%); Te (15%); Se (5%)

    "INFP values but INTP skills" describes me best of all

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Really why? It's best if you elaborate.

    The days of you are a xxxx without elaborating is in our/forum's past.

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    My vote is definitely INFJ.

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    I also say INFJ, though INFP is close. I definitely feel that you use more Fe than Fi.

    One of the things that really makes me think you are Ni dom is when you said you are easily overstimulated by physical sensation. I think one of the best ways to figure out your dom function is to identify your inferior. My INFJ brother-in-law says when he is stressed, he is easily overwhelmed by sensation, particularly sound. That is his Inferior Se manifesting. He becomes very oversensitive to minor disturbances that most people could easily ignore.

    If you were an INFP, your inferior function would of course be Te. The Fi doms I know say that under stress (or when their inferior function comes out to play in general) they become bossy and critical, and they feel like no one is doing anything right and they could do it better.

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    I have the same problem! I thought this would be a good read but I have no idea what most of you said LOL.

    Are there any defining questions that could easily separate the J from the P? Would anyone like to try asking the OP and myself some questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catharsia View Post
    Basically, I feel like I use Fi, Fe, Ni and Ne more than anything else. Whether this is actually possible is up for debate; maybe I'm confusing Fi and Ni together, or even Ne and Ni. Anyway, I think I'm just going to go down a list and see what everyone thinks.

    -I am future-oriented. I scan for possible things that can go wrong, and I want to either reconcile with or fix them before they actually happen, if at all. I get really paranoid about bad things that have even a slight chance of occurring.

    -I HATE being caught off guard by a problem that I didn't see coming. When I'm surprised like that, I usually take it very badly (example: I made a U-turn a few months ago and didn't properly judge the distance between the wheel and the curb. Went over the curb, got stuck, started to cry in panic. My boyfriend had to tell me to calm the hell down as he immediately thought of a solution to the problem). So, I'm not a TACTICAL thinker at all. I always need time to think about how to approach a problem, and cannot handle making split-second decisions.

    -I'm extremely aware of myself and situations around me, though not so much the physical details.

    -I absolutely need security in my relationships with utter confidence that the other person isn't going anywhere. I need the other person to say what they mean and mean what they say. I can't handle wishy-washy behavior.

    -I'm not really afraid of being open with others and sharing myself (however, I will take care to not offend the other person or start an argument).

    -I sort of alter my behavior depending on the person I'm talking to. If they're really quiet, I'll speak up more and try to connect with them, but if they're doing most of the talking, I'll listen to their every word. If someone is passive, I become more aggressive, and if they're aggressive, I'll become more passive. However, if I don't really like the person or don't FEEL like being sociable, I'll slowly withdraw.

    -I am a very big-picture person who doesn't focus too much on the tiny details. I can easily see symbolic and moral meaning behind seemingly trivial occurrences and people's actions.

    -I'm highly patient with others, but inwardly critical and judging of their goodness and intentions.

    -I'm terrible about procrastinating and struggle with being proactive. I'll get things done in the end most of the time, but I only do it if I feel I absolutely have to. If I have the option to not work without (as I perceive to be) major consequences, I won't do it.

    -My judgments and opinions will usually start OUT rigid, and then become slightly more flexible as I consider new viewpoints/input.

    -I am a much more serious person inside than lighthearted.

    -I can be very indecisive at times (unless it involves my deepest values, which I am almost always decisive about).

    -I'm decent at reading other people. Not a psychic or anything, but decent.

    -I almost always take others seriously unless it's very clear that it's just a joke.

    -I can analyze supposed "paradoxes" in a situation or line of logic, and rationalize them so that they make sense when put together.

    -When I'm in distress, I need to talk it out with someone I love. I don't like to bottle up my feelings.

    -It's hard for me to just keep a blank, straight face. My facial expressions are usually based upon my emotions and it's not so difficult to tell what I'm feeling by looking at me.

    -Regarding social norms... On one hand, I think that they CAN be too rigid and confining at times. But for the most part, I DO feel that they are necessary to conform to in order to get ahead in the world, and I find that I inwardly judge people who completely ignore them. I actually have a great recent example: My ENFP friend, very strong in her Fi, got upset at the idea that I would expect her to wear a dress to my wedding. She's hugely tomboyish, hates fashion and can't handle not staying "true" to herself in every way. I tried to tell her that wearing casual stuff to a formal wedding is disrespectful, but she wouldn't have any of it and it just made me extremely angry.

    -I am not really opposed to labels and categories. While I think that everyone is indeed their own unique person, I also think all people have similarities in the mind that can be analyzed. While I'm skeptical of the idea that every person fits into one of the 16 types, I do admire the concept of the functions.

    -Sometimes, out of pessimism, I won't do something again if it didn't work out in the past.

    -When I feel like I KNOW something, I build upon that conclusion with further evidence I find. But if I DON'T know something, I'm very indecisive about it and constantly need new input and research to better understand it (and may change my mind many times).

    -I really hate arguing, even if I'm winning. It's just a very draining activity for me and I can never do it for long.

    -Rather than facing conflict outright, I try to think of ways to circumvent it.

    -Physical sensations can be overwhelming for me.

    -I'm very in touch with my feelings, and if what is happening conflicts with my values. I would say I'm more self-centered than people-centered; however, I'm still in touch with what others need.

    -I may bend my rules for someone that I really love.
    I would put quite a lot of money on INFJ.

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