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    Default A questionnarie... Thanks in advance.

    Hello, I just got this questionnaire to help typing me on another website and I would like to hear from you people.
    On online tests (which I heard aren't accurate at all) I got both ISTP and INTP countless times and once on cognitive functions test I got this:

    Te (Extroverted Thinking) (35%)
    Ti (Introverted Thinking) (95%)
    Ne (Extroverted Intuition) (55%)
    Ni (Introverted Intuition) (75%)
    Se (Extroverted Sensing) (55%)
    Si (Introverted Sensing) (90%)
    Fe (Extroverted Feeling) (5%)
    Fi (Introverted Feeling) (35%)

    based on your results your type is likely - unclear

    Here's the questionnaire:
    1. What is love?
    I don’t believe love at least not in way books, tv shows, cinema show us.
    I think not even all the mothers trully love their kids. I do believe in love between mother and her children like they take from their own to give for their childrens, would die for them and really suffer if their sons suffer. That’s love for me and this only happens in majority of families.
    Between a couple it’s different. It’s selfish each one is trying to please own self, it’s like a friendship with kisses, hugs and sex so that’s could not be love like the love I’ve mentioned before. It’s something else.

    2. What is beautiful?
    It’s a hard question. Beautiful to me means aesthetical things and animals. Like a beautiful dress, beautiful house, beautiful car, beautiful animal, beautiful frame, beautiful picture. I get attracted to everything I consider beautiful.
    I find it funny or odd people that say things like “beautiful feeling” because it makes no sense to me at all, my mind cannot find a link between beautiful and feeling or like also beautiful day... I don’t get it at all even tho I understand what people want to mean it still making no sense to me... At all.

    3. What makes you cry?
    Anger and shame. I don’t ever cry because I’m sad or worried or over stress or in pain. I only cry (since childhood) when I go over shameful situations or if I get way too angry. I’m prideful person.

    4. Do you like driving?
    Not at all, requires attention.
    I don’t like to waste my attention to things that are not important to me, I like to spend attention to things that worry me, or problems that are in need of solutions. Most time, I’m concerned about something going on like bills to pay, how will I get better position on work, or works that are in need to be done but not even started... So I like to think and figure out how do I get such issues solved. Don’t like anything that requires attention and is not what I *need* to pay attention for.

    5. Is there anywhere you feel you belong and you are one with the environment?
    I only feel like this when I’m very tired and lay on my bed just couple minutes before fall as sleep. Usually I go to places and it’s like I’m watching a movie, boring one and I don’t really like to go out home – not that I totally dislike neither, I just don’t care, it’s just another thing like many others I have to do - unless there is something that need to be done. When I did worked as freelancer at home I rarely go out unless I ran out something like shampoo, food and such.

    6. Interested in health / medicine?
    I’m interested on the aspect of slowing aging process so I read alot of health and medicine articles but all of em are about same thread: slowing age process (exercises, natural medications, foams, alimentation, etc.).

    7. What do other people see as your weaknesses?
    People see me as very strong and selfish and cold person so I don’t think they would think of me as having any weakness, but if they would I guess, they would say lacking of fear which puts me in troubles time to time.

    8. What do you have long conversations about?
    Conspirator theories, aliens, universe, Time travel, multiple dimensions, global warmth, dinossaurs... In general I like to explain about these things I’ve read about to people around me since nobody really care too much about these things I use to be interested in so most times I explain em how these things could work or not and why they are interesting or important.
    I am not much talkative person but when I talk about these things I can be explaining for hours.

    9. Opinion on war and militaries?
    It makes no sense to me at all. I can’t really understand why humans been fighting each other since we showed up on earth. Fighting for things we already have... Need land? There’s plenty of it, just get another one for yourself. Need food? You can find yourself and make yourself another. Need woman/men? There is plenty of people indeed. Money? I guess wars spends alot of em and all these money comes from people that didn’t even been asked if they were interested on that war.
    Militaries... If there were no war there wouldn’t be a need for them.

    10. Do you like cooking? Or prefer people cooking for you? Why?
    I would rather having somebody cooking for me, but just what I like.
    My mother, my sister when they cook, they makes what they likes which isn’t always what I would like to eat so in this case, I rather make what I want to eat even if I don’t enjoy cooking (we get dirty, have alot of work for cook, leave kitchen smelling food and cooking... It isn’t that cool). But if I had money enough for paying somebody for cooking I would pay then.

    11. Any preference for rough sex?
    I like to start slow like playing and after get it wild, agressive.

    12. Which personality types do you most like? Most dislike? Why?
    I don’t know much about this thing but mostly I don’t like way too emotive people. Like people that cry for minor things (like losing a bf/gf or like “why life have to be so damn hard to me! Like feeling sorry for their miserable lifes while they don’t do anything to make it better, people that are healthy, have a work, have family and friends and still complain about things...I don’t have patience and totally dislike such things) I enjoy people that go after what they wants, that think before speaking to not say unwanted or unneeded things. I don’t like majority traits I see on majority people but if somebody is like what I said I mainly will get along just well with this person and if somebody go after what he/she really wants for life then that person have my admiration. I guess then I don’t like all emotive types and like types that aren’t much emotive.

    13. Books you liked? Recently read or otherwise.
    The Avenger, Frederick Forsyth
    Doomsday Conspiracy, Sidney Sheldon
    The Solitaire Mystery, Jostein Gaarder
    Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
    Blue Feather, Richard Bach
    Digital Fortress, Dan Brown
    The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, H.P Lovecraft
    LOTR, J.R.R Tolkien
    Musashi, Eiji Yoshikawa

    14. How do your romances tend to play out? Has your behavior changed over time?
    I do get along good with people I be in relationship with. Mainly I usually get into relationship to people polite, somewhat intelligent and that have many common interests so talking is always pleasant and I don’t like much alot of kisses and hugs but sex has to be fun and in tune... Thing I care much in relationships are pleasant talking’s and pleasant sex. I always been like this.

    15. How big is your smile? How often do you smile at people?
    I do give out small to half smiles, like not fully showing teethes and I do smile alot, but like I’m polite to people. Even if I didn’t heard what people told me I smile and nod to them (and in hoping it wasn’t a question).

    16. What do you consider one prevalent societal problem?
    Economy and lacking of culture. When I mention economy I think that majority issues come from lacking of money: wars, thieves, majority of murders. Lacking of culture if people were more conscious about things such as global warmth they wouldn’t cut off so many trees, they would not throw out garbage on the streets they recycle because it’s something of common interest of everyone since it can end up with human beings. Not that I mind about streets being unclean and such but for the sake it’s not good for us. Lacking of culture when they not interested on politics which is of general interest who ruling your city, country, etc if is a corrupt person or not but instead worry so much about clothing, dating somebody and minor things while the first mentioned thing probably would make much more impact in general on our lives and daily. In many and many aspects that I could be mentioning all day long here. People are weird they don’t have any concern for what is really important while they get so concerned about small things that won’t have major impact.

    17. What do you dislike about yourself?
    I was about to type “nothing” lol but then I remembered this.
    I dislike how I know what I must to do to get the things I want or need but being so lazy for not putting it into practical. I dislike not being disciplined enough to get where I want to get. But it doesn’t bother me as much neither.

    18. How would you and your partner respectively contribute to a child?
    I would respect and encourage him/her to have his/her own vision and thoughts. I would be a nice mom since I would give freedom for being herself/himself.

    19. Are you religious? Any opinions on churches? Opinions on spirituality?
    I'm agnostic. I’m no religious at all I don’t ever wonder about these things. I don’t say there is not a God neither do I say there is one. I don’t think about it’s not of my interest in fact. But I totally dislike when people try to force me into their religious views that’s boring.
    I don’t mind churches. Go these who wants to and believes in, it’s up for them (even tho I wouldn’t waste my precious time on such things, I respect these who believe).
    I don’t think there’s a soul. Life is what we see and we have only lifetime to do everything we want. Time out = game over.

    20. What pisses you off?
    Unfairness and when people acts like jerks to me without any reason.

    21. What makes you giggle?
    When I see or think or listen funny stuffs. When I don’t get a joke at first but after like 2 minutes I get it then I seems even more funnier.

    22. Ever feel stuck in a rut?
    Like trying and trying but getting nowhere isn’t it? I’ll guess it mean what I thought here.
    Yes, often. I’m used to it I no longer get worried or concerned about it.

    If any other questions would help better, then I'll be more than glad in answer.
    Thanks in advance.
    "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea and ideas are bullet-proof."

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    English is not your mother tongue, is it? lol

    you don't strike me as a feeler. You seem like dominant thinker. Ti it seems because you develop logical approach that is rather subjective.

    Perceiving function seems to be Ne because you seem to like theories a lot and debate possibility.


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