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    Default What Do You Make Of This?

    Let me know what you make of these answers and what else I can tell you that would help you to determine a type. Thanks!

    1. Click on this link:Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.
    I did 2 of them:

    The first one:

    Here is, as accurately and honestly as I can, recall the exact thoughts and their order that went through my head when I first saw this picture. It ends when nothing else came to my head.

    • Outside.
    • Wilderness.
    • Field with mountain.
    • Sunny.
    • Nice day.
    • Despite it's length that makes the grass appear abundant, it is pretty thinly-spread about rocks. The grass has an odd color. Too vibrant perhaps? I'm not good with colors as I have diminished red-light cones in my eyes, so I can't tell what's weird about it. Some of it looks dry like it needs water. Is this partly desert area?
    • Rainbow? No, the clouds just make that shape. Pretty fluffy clouds. I love that color of blue behind them. I also love how it goes from lighter to darker as you move up the sky.
    • Oddly-colored group of trees. Is it Autumn? The ones on the left are normal color. Oh, they are evergreens, so their leaves don't change color and fall off. They don't even have leaves. So the ones in the group toward the center aren't evergreens? They look evergreen in shape. Maybe they aren't. Hmm. Odd. Photoshopped or edited in some way?
    • That mountain looks sort of hidden by the clouds at the top, kind of like a wizard's mountain.
    • Hills on the side.
    • That field would be hard to run in. You'd probably be running and lose your footing often as the grass conceals rocks, holes, and dips. It reminds me of the scene in the original "The Karate Kid" where Daniel is running from the karate students dressed as skeletons after he pours water on Johnny. That field had dark shadow areas that looked like dips and I always expected him to stumble and fall when he ran through it, but was relieved when he didn't because I didn't want him to be caught. I used to watch that movie all the time as a kid. I just watched it recently with my 4-year-old son.
    • Heh, this reminds me of The Lonely Mountain where Smaug lived. Good book, "The Hobbit". The movie's almost out. I can't wait. I wonder if my wife has read any more of it. I hope she finishes it before the movie comes out.

    Second one:

    Thoughts that went through my head, translated into words that make sense to readers:

    • Whoa.
    • Wide open space.
    • Water, rocks, sky.
    • That's some smooth water. Is it one of those slow exposure shots where the water looks really smooth?
    • Nice sunset.
    • Cool cloud formations.
    • Cool little rocky part jutting out on the right.
    • Oh, there are rocks under the water.
    • Kinda ghostly where the water touches the rock in the middle to the lower right. Photoshop effect? I mean, it looks unreal. Almost like the water is clouds. I mean, look at the slight ripples where the water goes from light to dark in the foreground. It could be a blanket of cloud and the rock is rising out of it. What is going on there? It looks so weird. No reflection at all, like it was cut from another picture and pasted right here. Maybe that ghostly effect is its reflection. It doesn't look like enough to be the reflection of that rock, with how much it looks like it is rising out of the water. But maybe at this angle it is how it would look.
    • Those super bright clouds look like they are on fire! Crazy.
    • Such a contast from the smooth, calm blue and the brilliant fiery orange sky.
    • Look how far the yellow/orange extends to the left, then just starts curving down for no reason. It looks weird. I guess I don't see very many sunsets over the water with nothing to block the horizon.
    • It looks cold there. That water looks cold especially.
    • I wonder how deep it is right in this little sectioned-off area. Are there fish in it? I don't see any. Man, that must suck being a fish. Always cold. I hate being cold. Every time there is water, it is always cold. Why is water cold by default!? And fish must live in it their whole lives! All the time! 24/7! No breaks! No warmth, ever. No relief from the coldness. Totally open and exposed to the cold water. No shelter or cave can protect them from it. There is no where they can go to be warm. Never warm. Gah! Well, until they are cooked.

    2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favorite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?
    Initial thoughts: (assuming I'm a passenger, as I would think the question would mention that I was driving if I was. for some reason i naturally imagined myself sitting behind the driver's seat. i don't know why that is) What's happening? Why are we slowing down? Is there something going on up ahead? No. Are we going to turn somewhere? What's the driver doing? Judging by the reactions of the people in or near the driver's seat, there is something wrong with the car. Did we run out of gas? After it became apparent what was wrong, there would most likely be at least one person, probably more, having strong emotional reactions, complaining, cussing, blaming, what have you. As long as there was nothing I could do about the situation, like the owner of the car was taking care of it or someone more knowledgeable was, or there was nothing anyone could do for the moment, I would be entertained by everyone's reactions. It would also be enjoyable being stranded on the side of the road, not knowing what we are going to do. It would be like an adventure. I'd probably be somewhat sad that we were going to miss the concert, but for the moment, the situation would suffice.

    My initial outward reactions: I'd look around curiously as we slowed down, try to find causes. Someone else would most likely have already asked what was going on, so I'd listen for the answer. My expression probably wouldn't change as I watched and listened.

    3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?
    Afterparty? For a concert? They have those? Ugh, they have parties for everything. I'd imagine the party with a bunch of people drinking and getting drunk. Would the band be there? That would be cool. I don't drink and hate being around drunk people, but there might be some good food there. Party food is like snack food and I like that a lot. I'm not much for parties, but it probably won't be that bad. I'm out with my friends and I don't do this very often, so why not. It would of course depend on when my wife was expecting me to be back. I'd have to call her and let her know. She probably wouldn't be happy, but depending on her mood, would either happily or unhappily tell me to have fun and come back whenever. It wouldn't be ideal to be at the whim of the driver and when he (yes, also assumed the driver was a male) wanted to leave, but I'm patient and usually assume things will work out.

    4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?
    My first inward reaction would be that they are wrong. Flat out. Period. But then I would consider it, try to see why they believe that way. I'd still think they are wrong, because I don't make a habit of believing anything without thinking it through and having good reasons. It wouldn't affect what I think of them, but I would probably feel negatively about them at the moment.

    I would probably wait for a break in the conversation to say anything. The conversation would be caused by someone else boldly and loudly saying they are wrong or agreeing with them. When I would speak, I would probably ask them why they think that, in as non-accusing way as possible so they don't get defensive. Instead of saying I disagreed, I'd point out reasons that I believe differently to see what they think about it. Very rarely does someone actually convince me of their side during an argument, but I appreciate it when they do.

    5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?
    If I actually witnessed it, as in proof that clashed with something I believed, I would be very interested and want to learn more. It would probably become my new current interest that I'd obsess over for a week or two. I'd want to find out what was real.

    6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?
    I haven't really thought about my values much, but I'd say I value the following qualities: unique, kind, sense of humor, confident, cunning, honest, intelligent, agile, observant, eloquent, creative/imaginative, resourceful, open-minded, and emotional control. I'm sure this list is far from complete. These are just the ones I could think of right now. I'm not sure how I determined them. They are just qualities that I admire in others and either have them or strive for them myself. I suppose the only way my opinion of them could change would be if I witnessed someone having something not on my list but impacted me in a way that caused me to add it to the list, perhaps higher than some of the others. I imagine the only way some of these could be removed would be if I undeniably saw significantly negative results happen as a direct result of it.

    7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?
    There are so many different types of people and I'm sure there are plenty very much like me. However, going by just the people I've been exposed to, I'd say my openness to expressing my thoughts and feelings. I'm very open and use lots of words. If given the audience and attention and without negative feedback about the type and amount of details I'm divulging, I can talk about myself and my experiences in detail for a long time. I'm sure this has become apparent in several of my threads.

    If I could change one thing, I'd change my laziness. I'm always late to work. I procrastinate all the time. I try to do as many things as I can before a scheduled event. It causes problems for those who rely on me and it wastes their time. It also causes me to miss out on some things, like if I miss the last showing of a movie because of it, for example. I hate that and it's so infuriating when it happens because I know it could have easily been avoided.

    8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?
    I'm not really sure how I handle them in most cases. When they are about other people, though, I usually push them away. They've led me to incorrect assumptions so much in my life that I decided to only go on what is apparent. That hasn't worked any better for me, but I keep doing it sort of to spite the hunches. It's like I have a grudge against them and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge them. Like I'll get the feeling that someone is upset with me but not know why. Like maybe I said something they didn't like or in a way they didn't like, or something I did, but I don't know. But because they didn't demonstrate it to me, I'll pretend like I'm ignorant of it and treat them as I would if it wasn't the case, even if I know that it will cause trouble since it is the case. And I'll justify it to myself and feel justified to them by telling myself that there was no way I could have known it because they didn't tell me. Even when it causes problems and they become more upset, I'll ask them what is wrong and be 100% accurate to how I would be if I honestly had no clue. I make them spell it out to me before permitting myself to "get it" because I shouldn't be expected to read minds. And I never admit to already having a hunch on it, because that would just undermine everything else. I'm very committed to it, but it has recently become more conscious to me and I'm trying to stop doing that because I realize that it has caused problems in my marriage and I don't want that.

    9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?
    Energize: Figuring something out. A problem that needs solving, especially one where other people have tried and given up. Like if I go to someone's house and notice several devices connected to the TV. If the owner shows any signs of difficulty with operating the setup or there are inconveniences, I am immediately drawn to see how it is hooked up to see if I can make it easier to use and more efficient. I like improving things. My skills are mainly in the area of computers, but some audio and video. Hardly any automotive at all. Then there are ideas. If I come up with an idea, like when I used to write stories often, or more recently working out the details of my card game I'm almost done designing, I can pace around the house for hours hashing and rehashing everything, even coming up with new ideas that render half of the current version useless and making a new version off of that new idea, only to scrap that one once I test it against all perceived scenarios and one of them reveals that it wouldn't work. Then I call up my brother and explain my idea so far and he adds his thoughts that always over-complicate it. Like in my card game, he wanted to add an element to have one function, then another to have another function, and so on. I try to modify the functions so I can make one element that includes all of them. I want every part of the game to follow the same rules or at least follow rules in a way that are of the same format as the other ones so that if you understand one, you intuitively understand any of them. It greatly decreases the number of rules you need to remember.

    Drain: I was going to say being around lots of people, but it doesn't always drain me. Then I was going to say people expressing strong emotions to me and wanting me to respond. But it doesn't really drain me. It puts me at a loss and I want them to stop, and it can irritate me and make me want to leave, but I wouldn't say my energy level is lower. I think the only thing that actually seems to drain my energy, besides lack of sleep and physical exertion, of course, is doing things I'm not interested in. Doing something I don't want to do. Work or anything that requires effort that isn't in the "energize" category drains me. If I can think of other things while I do it, like repetitive tasks like raking leaves or mowing the lawn, then it's not so bad. But it's things I need to focus on that I'm not interested in that drain me, like homework when I was in school. Having to listen to and respond to someone talking about clothes or deciding what to make for dinner or reading lots of sentimental cards. Often times things like eating or using the bathroom or brushing my teeth or doing my hair fall in this category, though besides eating, they don't take much time. Eating, on the other hand, especially if I'm by myself, is super boring. I hate sitting at the table. I need to be doing something else while eating like watching something or being on the computer or reading a book or even talking. I often bring a book with me to the bathroom even if I'm only going pee. I sit down so I can read and often I only read half a page at most. Showering would be in this category, except it feels good and gives me time alone to think and let my mind wander.

    10. Describe your outward behavior and internal mindset when around people in different situations (such as with friends, family, in public, workspace, etc.).
    Friends: When I'm around my friends, um... my friends? Let's see. There are my friends from when I was in school, but I hardly ever see any of them at all. I wouldn't call anyone at work my friend. My brothers are my friends. Ah, there we go. Those friends. My brothers see them much more often than I do. When I'm around my friends, I am outwardly... well it depends on my mood. Sometimes I am very calm. Sometimes when I'm very calm I make odd comments and observations, usually with the hope that they will think I'm weird but witty. Sometimes I'm very chatty about things and giving my opinion on everything. At any rate, I love the attention to be on me, but half the time like to play it off like I'm no big deal. Internally I'm continually rating my intelligence, wit, competency, coolness, and attitude against the ones seeming to have competing attributes to those and hoping that I'm viewed as being the most in those areas. That is, unless I'm just calm. In those times I really couldn't care. I'm just in observation mode and will just go with the flow.

    Family: When I'm with family, well, I have 2 families. One is comprised of my wife and our 2 beautiful children. I had to say beautiful. I had to. Everyone always says that. I had to say it just once to see what it felt like. It honestly made me cringe. Not just the "beautiful" part, but also the "children" part. Not that I don't completely love my kids. The other family is my parents and 5 younger siblings. I'm different around my wife, my kids, my parents, and my siblings.

    Wife: She's so serious. Usually I'm toning down my joking manner (although I have to be myself) and trying to make her happy. I try to listen to her. I have to emphasize "try" because I often trail off and don't hear all she says because it's usually something like "so we need to set $50 aside for the kids' clothes because they are growing out of them so fast right now. Oh, you should see the outfit I just got for our son! And I had to spend $20 extra on groceries this time because I've been getting more fresh fruits and vegetables lately..." We get in arguments easily because she thinks I attack her or she misunderstands me a lot and thinks I'm implying something negative when I wasn't. I try to be careful how am so I don't make her think I meant something I didn't. I am usually flirtatious, though, and often giving her compliments.

    Kids: 40% jokester (or tricker-man as we say) and playing with them, 30% avoidant of them, 20% sappy cuddly loving father, and 10% serious and stern. They are almost 8 and 4 years old and most of the time I'm either doing something to make them laugh or doing something to mess with them, either to make them laugh or make my son whine. "No Dad! Don't put that in the trash! No!" Wife: "Why do you always torment him?" Me: "He's practically begging me to! You don't understand! How can you say no to that face?" But he's getting pretty good and knowing I'm kidding now. He even starts messing with me now. Our daughter is way more timid and would rather ask me many questions about everything. She's also much more cuddly. I don't have the heart to tease her much. She's also my step-daughter.

    Parents: I'm usually having a conversation with them. About my work or theirs or about the family or politics or their church. We're not really silly or imaginative together. We tell stories a lot. My dad and I sometimes get to be trying to tell our own story while the other tries to tell theirs and we keep relating to what the other said by telling something similar that happened to us, but it sometimes seems like a struggle. I think we're so used to the other person yielding to us when we want to say something. My dad often comes alive at any large gathering of friends and/or family and becomes the center stage, making jokes about everything, lots of puns, usually cheesy, and lots of stories. Sometimes I'm in the mood to do so as well and the spotlight kind of gets pulled back and forth, but usually I sit and enjoy the experience of everyone loving my dad, silently rooting for him, as if I'm showing him off.

    Siblings: I'm the oldest. When I get together with any of my siblings I turn into "show and tell" mode. I have to show them the latest thing I'm into, any video games I played since our last encounter, any and all funny pictures I stumbled upon, any and all funny websites or articles or videos I happened across, how awesome I am at whatever I'm currently awesome at, the latest thing I made or drew or card game I designed. With the youngest (10 years younger than I am), he and I have the unique situation my dad and I do, only instead of trying to tell stories over each other, we try to show each other our cache of the above things to show off. I usually don't care what he wants to show me unless and until it ends up being something really cool, but I try to act interested until I can show my next thing, and I'm not sure if he feels the same way about me or not. But we can go for hours.

    Public: In public I usually ignore everyone and assume they ignore me. If I have a destination, such as the aisle in the grocery store that the item I'm wanting is located, I walk quickly with large strides (but without actually trying to walk fast) directly to the destination and continue to the next destination. People become diminished to mere obstacles and I become impatient easily with them, yet am always polite despite it. That is, unless I'm wearing one of my "out in public" shirts that I wear when I want people to notice and comment on. These shirts are often ones featuring really cool bands that most people don't know about but immediately become really cool if they do, and other references to nerdy things like my "Heartless" shirt that features the Heartless symbol on it from the game Kingdom Hearts. When I am wearing these shirts, my attention is very much on every person I walk by whose face is in a position to see my shirt. My outside behavior is unchanged and I utilize my eyes' mobility and peripheral vision heavily while keeping my head in the direction I'm going so I don't give away that I'm not just oblivious to them, but internally I'm watching everyone with the sole objective of seeing if they see my shirt and how they react. I try to determine, based on their appearance and what they are wearing, the likelihood of them recognizing what I'm displaying and what the probability they will also like it is. Disappointingly, I get very, very few looks of recognition and almost no comments. It's not fair. I always comment on a shirt someone is wearing that I like, especially if it is something that most people probably wouldn't recognize.

    Workplace: I'm very much the same at work as I am in public besides the shirt thing because I'm not supposed to wear t-shirts. The main difference is that I try to avoid people more since I work in IT and if I'm away from my desk it means there's something really important I need to attend to and I don't want to be stopped by a bunch of people asking my help on their issues they've had for a week but didn't bother calling about. I also don't like brushing people off even for important things and I always feel bad doing it. I don't like appearing selfish or uncaring. On the phone I'm much more willing to feign ignorance to what someone is talking about if they aren't explaining it right. If I tell them to click on something and tell me what appears on the right side of the screen when they do and they describe something that is completely different from what they should have, meaning they did something other than what I said to do, I'll act confused even though I know they did something other than what I said. I understand that they don't know computers like I do, but that doesn't mean anything about their ability to follow directions. So I'll act as if I don't know what happened and start asking questions to "try to figure out what happened" until they realize for themselves that they didn't follow my instructions and feel all stupid, at which point I reassure them that they aren't, even though I did that to make them feel that way. If someone's inability to do what I said to do causes me to have to do more work, they won't be spared the extra work, either. If I can get away with it, even my boss and the owners of the company get treated to the same thing. If anything, it raises their opinion of me and my computer skills because they subconsciously associate feeling dumb with memories of being around me, which probably translates into me being really smart, as evidenced by the things they say to me and about me.
    "I see you're drinking 1%. Is that because you think you're FAT? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole milk if you wanted to."

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    wow, aren't you a curious one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by naijaphil View Post
    wow, aren't you a curious one?
    Curious as in wanting to know lots of things, or curious as in odd/interesting?
    "I see you're drinking 1%. Is that because you think you're FAT? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole milk if you wanted to."

    Music listening habits

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