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    Default help me type my new, confusing friend

    I just met someone about a month ago and he is perplexing me. The only thing I know is he is a HUGE extrovert. Part of me suspects ESFJ or ESFP. I'll list some of the significant things and traits I've noticed about him:

    - as I said, extrovert in a big way, real 'life of the party' person, extremely social, he's the guy making everyone else laugh, engaging others in loud, fast moving conversations, drinking hard, still being up at noon the next day etc.

    - he would probably type himself as a Rational but I would disagree - he does think a lot, but I find his thoughts disorganized and pretty incoherent. The quantity is there, but not the quality. He goes off on tangents extremely easily. A convo will start about one thing and end somewhere else, after many detours.

    - very easily distractable, to the point of it being almost funny. We're talking someone so easily distracted he ended up forgetting a hot woman was openly hitting on him at a bar and left without what was pretty much a sure thing. Kicked himself for it the next week. He has a very, very hard time paying attention to a single thing and is one of those people who is always texting and talking, or browsing online and talking, or talking and thinking about something else.

    - appears to get angry/frustrated easily, but I've noticed these squalls are a lot of light and sound, but they pass quickly and he seems fine afterwards

    - physically intimidating but has no interest in physically fighting (I suspect if pushed in a serious way he would, but so far he has been eager to smooth over conflicts, even ones he didnt start) - he is eager to show and proud of his ability to talk someone out of a rage or a fight

    - kind but oddly, to me, somewhat shallow. He will talk to the loner at a party, deliberately, because he doesnt like people feeling left out, but at the same time his interest in other people often seems somewhat superficial. He doesnt want anyone to feel hurt or disliked, but at the same time, nor is he interested in any way in hearing your life story.

    - intensely loyal to and protective of one person - his younger sister. He often talks about how she is the only person in the world he would die for, and then follows this up by lamenting that there aren't more. At which point I usually say something like "well you have to make a real, deep connection with someone else and that requires your effort and attention."

    - says he wants, eventually, a wife, kids, a mortgage, the whole bit, but currently works an office geek job that doesn't make him happy at all. He's 23 and full of energy, seems to want adventure, but (tellingly?) hasnt started to seek out these adventures he says he wants.

    - can come up with oddly accurate emotional assessments of people, even those he doesn't know well. Borderline creepy ability to do this, especially given that I consider him to be someone who doesn't pay very good attention to other people all the time.

    Anyway, anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default first I was thinking he was a total EP, bordering on ENP. Then, you throw out the whole Fe thing and now I'm a bit lost.

    Well, it seems that E and F are pretty clear, but we're uncertain on everything else.

    What makes you so sure he is a sensor? I'm seeing both Se and Ne. Can you describe him a bit more in terms of S vs. N?

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    Maybe a real cool INFP.
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    Sounds quite ESFP to me.

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