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    YB1 sounds ENTP and YB2 sounds IxFP.

    Can give more deets later if you would like, must run to class

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    I'd like to resurrect this thread. Would anyone else like to take a stab at this? YB1 is now 18 and YB2 is now 14.

    YB1 has continued to be more and more of an asshole that feels the need to correct YB2's behavior all the time. I think the issue is that YB1 feels the need to be in control and correct people when he thinks that they're wrong. I'm guilty of this a bit, but not the the assholish extent that he is. I think part of it is that YB1 is older than YB2 and that YB2 is not nearly as disciplined as YB1.

    I'm not entirely sure that YB1 is an extravert, but I just know that YB2 is extremely introverted. Also, a bit of a change from earlier, YB1 is far more disciplined now. He goes to bed early, wakes up early, and does his homework on time. Don't know that it really changes anything in regards to type, but it seemed noteworthy.

    I'm wondering how they would fit into Beren's interaction styles: Interaction Styles

    My main thing is that I'm wondering if people would share how they are seeing the N in either of these two. Quite frankly, I have extreme difficulty identifying introverts in real life, save for some NFs. Hearing the thought process would be nice.

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    Hm...I wonder if perfectionism might be associated with behind the scenes and get things going, whereas the need for control and movement toward the goal might be more so associated with chart the course and in charge.

    In which case, it would make sense that my older brother (who is not mentioned in this thread) seems to be ESFJ and possibly get things going. I would be chart the course and ISTJ. YB2 would be behind the scenes and IFP. YB1 may be in charge (or maybe chart the course)...which would make him either ESTJ, ENTJ, ESTP (or perhaps ISTJ, INTJ, or ISTP).

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    ESTJ and INFJ?

    ESTJ -> similar traits to you, as you said, but more "assholish". Arguing over unimportant matters. I mostly thought "Te" when reading the description (so could be ENTJ).

    INFJ -> creative - likes to create virtual worlds, sensitive, wants to preserve social harmony, gets upset when things don't go as they're supposed to, routine

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