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    Default Can someone please explain this to me?

    Okay, so I took this test. It said I was pretty equally five and eight. Then it said sx/sp/so. I mean, this kind of sounds like gibberish. :[

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    I would say it has to do with Tritype which is very real, my girlfriend and I used to say I was a 4w8 wing and I am 4w3. I am a 468 The Truth Teller, I can seem a lot like an 8 in particular because it also leads my third type in my Tritype so it goes Feel 4-Act8- Think6, that means on a more personal and refined level I am a 486 within this Archetype. So you may be a 528 538 or 548,so this is not uncommon to have your kind of result. You just need to figure out if you lead with your Head 5 or Gut 8 and then what your type is in the Feeling Centre 2-3-4. Once you know your feeling... do you habitually react mainly, Act(Gut)8- Think5- Feel or some other order so for example if you are the 458 Archetype or Tritype with 8 as your leading or primary centre you may be more 854 in that specific order than say 845.

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    OP, it sounds like you just need to do some research and soul searching. 5s and 8s are fairly distinct types, but they fall along the same line of integration. You could be either an 8 who has disintegrated to 5 due to stress, or a healthy 5 who is integrating to 8. One way to figure out which one you are would be to go to the Ennegram Institute website and see whether any of the 8 or 5s levels of health resonate for you.

    As @TheLotus pointed out, it's possible you may simply have both in your tritype, but I wouldn't be satisfied with that until I'd determined what my dominant fixation/type was.
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