Actually I remember a reaction somewhat similar to the INTJ one that you've mentioned. But it was combined with ENTP reaction as well... That was when a lot of stuff was breaking down and I was very frustrated because I haven't had enough money to do the stuff I would enjoy and to improve my life overall. That included school-stuff, extra-annoying family member stuff, food getting worse, exterior items and accessories, like something that should've been replaced 15 years ago, but wasn't due to the other family members, the unclean nature of other family members, various other annoyances, etc.. Basically, everything that is constantly happening little by little, crashed down all at once at that time.

My reaction was feeling sad, annoyed and sometimes angry, the most notable was the odd feeling in my stomach (). While consciously I knew what I was doing and I knew that I shouldn't do it, I wanted to see how far I'd go, and since I couldn't solve it by taking up an enjoyable activity, I thought that it may help me overcome that feeling. I started going out late at night, even though it's a dangerous neighborhood just to take a walk (I like night though, as it's calm and the air's fresh), taking very long walks during the day and thinking/observing the environment, seeing how it looks outside of the scope of the city I knew. I walked for as long as a few hours with no water or food. One day I even purposely went to a place that I thought was dangerous. This lasted for maybe 2 weeks or so. Maybe a bit longer, and then it began to fade away. When I was at my PC interacting with people (I was playing CS at the time), I remember having the ENTP reaction - being obsessive and a bit paranoid. I also have started enforcing the rules more than usual in the CS server that I was playing, so applying more control.

This wouldn't have happened if I had money to buy stuff to do something interesting, like buying a better computer to play a game, record a gameplay video, buy something like vBulletin (quality shit) to start a site, etc.. This would've kept me occupied with things I find interesting to do, and kept me actively doing them, so it would've compensated for everything else.

This hasn't happened again since then, but things weren't crashing down all at once since then either.