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    Default 2 Friends 1 Thread

    2 Friends 1 Thread
    and may the guessing commence!

    Friend no. 1: I am guessing EXFJ 2w3 but feel free to disagree

    Personality wise:
    - Optimistic/bubbly kinda person
    - Extremely caring- to the point where she would lie awake worried for a friend.
    - Pushy in a good way. If she feels like you should do something particular to resolve a certain problem, then she would nag you into doing it (even if it was YOUR problem and not HERS to begin with).
    - Often gets pushed into leadership positions. She isn't particularly ambitious as it is but she does do a good job of ordering people around so that stuff works out in the end (which is the reason why she gets nominated in the first place). She also makes sure no one is excluded.
    - Stands up for friends
    - Doesn't care what others think of her
    - Quite open minded- she doesn't care what you do or believe in unless it involves her or she thinks you'll end up hurting yourself
    - Does not hesitate to ask for help when she needs it
    - Goes surprisingly silent and stares off into space when she is upset

    Side notes:
    - She enjoys make up and dancing. Her makeovers are usually very eye catching and she has dyed her hair neon pink/blue on several occasions for...erm..unknown reasons.
    - Doesn't care about politics. Has a vague idea of whats happening on the news but that is it.
    - Gaunt face with petite frame.
    - Currently dating an ENFP.

    Friend number 2: XXFX 3w4?...I really have no idea

    Personality wise:
    - Constantly changing. Sometimes she just sits there alone staring into the distance, other times she is pretty touchy and can be quite funny
    - Complains on very minor changes (e.g. she could rant about how an extra lesson, even if its done for the cohorts' benefit, disrupts her gym schedule)
    - Always has panic attacks
    - Screams and cries when she thinks she's been mistreated and often puts the blames on others (i.e. attacking her professor for an essay she got a low mark in...although her lack of preparation could clearly be another reason why she got the grade she did)
    - High standards for herself and others (in the example above, she did not even fail. She "only" got a credit for a task when she was used to distinctions or even high distinctions).
    - Can be quite patronizing at times.
    - Not much empathy (no interest in charity and have hurt others due to her inconsideration. She isn't above ridiculing people to elevate herself.)
    - Quite keen on leadership positions. To be fair, she is very efficient and manages to accomplish quite a lot of things every time (in terms of raw number, she is a better leader than friend no.1).
    - Always strives for independence (i.e. her own car, moving out etc). She loves showing that she is "grown up" to other people (i.e. getting to vote).
    - Changes her mind frequently
    - Big into philosophy, not so much into politics

    Side notes:
    - She has a wide circle of acquaintances. Loves partying and taking photos.
    - Very popular on social media sites.
    - One of the prettiest girls I know (at least on the outside). 5'11 and built like a supermodel- there is a reason why lots have desired her...initially at least.
    - Is very much into looking "indie" and places great emphasis on her body- she goes to the gym a lot.
    - Into drama and loves performing.

    Much thanks!

    P.S. Friend no.1 is clearly healthier, regardless of type, than friend no.2. That I am well aware of and I aren't trying to label one particular type as the "bitchy" one as all types have their better/less developed members.

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    Friend number one seems fairly ENFx, there's not much that you stated that supported J or P.

    I read what you say about friend number two and I roll my eyes in familiarity with her. She is ISFP.

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