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    Default Help on finding out my type?

    Hello! I'm new to this whole typing business, so forgive me if I'm a little ignorant on the way things work. Basically I have been typed as an ISTJ before (my close friend thinks I fit an ISTJ very well), but I have had other tendencies/results and I'm not really sure if I'm really ISTJ. I would really appreciate some help in typing myself! :)

    I've been an introvert practically my entire life. I'm actually not really uncomfortable in social situations, just that I am uncomfortable with people I do not know very well (but have met before) because I always have this feeling that I have to maintain the impression I give them and I'm very afraid of being judged. I'm pretty good at making friends with strangers, as long as anyone I know isn't around as well. I guess it's because most people I know are my schoolmates (I'm a student) and in school I can be rather quiet. Hence, they think I'm quiet too, so I kind of have the obligation to live up to their expectation when meeting strangers around people I know. In school I tend to stumble over my words or say something that I don't really agree with because I'm so flustered just by the prospect of getting a question wrong. Despite this, I am pretty alright with things like pre-prepared speeches that I can spend hours before practicing, haha. I'm actually a performer too; I act and sing pretty comfortably onstage.

    I am quite organized, though my laziness sometimes gets the better of me rearranging my stuff in perfect order hahah. I am quite taken with making lists, especially to-do lists. I can get quite obsessive over aesthetic appeal, like how I can spend hours making notes for studying just to make sure they're pretty and neat, otherwise I can't stand studying them. I'm not very logical, surprisingly. I mainly just go along with the heat of the moment and see where it takes me. I like engaging in hands-on things, like how I can't understand technical step-by-step instructions until I actually get down to business and try assembling things myself.

    I'm not a very moral person. I don't have a set of ethics and principles I follow, and I'm not very sympathetic either. I guess most people would call me cynical, and I can be quite sarcastic. I guess the morals part would be because I'm strongly Atheist, and I don't believe in the existence of God. I tend to dismiss emotionally-based arguments a lot, but I still am (somewhat) a conflict seeker because conflicts draw attention and can be rather interesting. (now I sound mean, oops) I can be quite elitist.

    Despite my more rational side, I also have the more emotional side to me. Actually, some people would call it depressed, but it's not that serious haha. Most people call me angsty. I can be quite hyper and happy most of the time, but when I crash I really become quite down in the dumps. I'm not really happy with my life. (I guess now I sound bipolar.) I do write prose and poetry, and my favourite subject is English Literature. I can daydream an entire lesson away if I want to.

    I'm not a very hardworking person in school, mostly because I don't see the absolute need to study hard and do well academically. However, in things that I'm really interested in, like performing, I tend to give my all. I can stay up all night just to prepare for a performance without batting an eyelid but I'm really reluctant to study. I tend to study last minute, like the night before exams, whereas for performance-related things I get things done punctually and I really put in all my effort to do the best job that I can.

    I get bored of things really easily, like I have phases where I'm really obsessed with something, then it passes. I'm not really a risk-taker though.

    I hope this isn't too confusing! I got confused while writing it. If you need any more information feel free to ask questions :) thank you so much!

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    My guess is ISTJ.

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