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    Default Typing a friend!

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to suss out the type of a close friend of mine, maybe you can help!

    - Fairly talkative, funny, makes friends easily. Some of his friends describe him as 'social lubricant', as in, with a beer in hand, they can just throw him into just about any group of unfamiliar people and he'll find something to talk about.
    - Describes himself as a 'force of chaos' and 'eccentric'.
    - Backpacked through SE Asia on his own for 3/4 months, had the flight in and the first two nights accommodation booked before he left, the rest he pretty much made up as he went along.
    - Is an outdoorsy person, enjoys climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and is coming around to the idea of running.
    - Is good at getting himself out of the house on any given day, even if it's just to walk around town or something. Feels bad about doing nothing.
    - Decidedly a "morning person".
    - Can sometimes be quite 'childish' in his great relishing of playing 'pranks' on people - turning off the hot water when someone's in the shower just to hear them shriek, taking merciless advantage of ticklishness, etc.
    - Enjoys cooking, loves food - will try (and enjoy) almost anything. Also very partial to cake and tea.
    - Has travelled extensively, partially because of his work, but partially because I think the idea of being stuck in one place freaks him out a little bit. This despite clearly loving his home country, everything it represents, and describing himself as 'very <nationality>'. At 28 he has lived in/worked on 6 continents.
    - However, has said previously that the ability to 'up and leave' all your friends and family requires a certain amount of "selfishness" that he's "not entirely comfortable with" in himself.
    - Is clever, and able to work hard when he needs to - put in the effort to get a distinction (or something) for his degree at a world-class university, one of only a handful to manage so. This was mostly through hard work, as partway through the degree he realised that the level of effort that had sufficed in high school was not going to get him the grades he wanted, and thus put in the work to remedy it.
    - Claims he almost never studied after 6pm or so, did most of his work during the day and never did an all-nighter. (I cannot verify this.)
    - Workwise, he claims to be not very work-focused or ambitious, but is in a professional, infrastructure-based career, and seems to be quite good at what he does, enjoys it well enough, and has certain intentions about what he wants to do in future - eg. will take a 30% pay cut at the moment to work in a different sector of the industry that in future has more job opportunities/is located in more appealing parts of the world.
    - States that being a 'househusband' would be appealing.
    - Has been a bit of a commitmentphobe in the past - he left a girlfriend of 4 years because she wanted to (eventually) get married, and another relationship ended because he decided to move countries (although I think the decision to move countries came before the relationship). However, he still speaks (albeit occasionally) to almost everyone he's ever dated. Current girlfriend is possible exception.
    - Is pragmatic about things like cheating - has never done so himself, and would naturally be upset if his girlfriend did, but it's not necessarily a dealbreaker and is understandable/forgivable in certain circumstances.
    - In the same vein, talks openly about other women he finds attractive, flirts shamelessly with his long-term female friends - though is more normal-level friendly to female strangers/acquaintances. Not particularly good at 'picking up'.
    - Can be fairly oblivious as to how certain things might upset someone, though tends to self-flagellate when he does realise/its made clear.
    - Is fairly go-with-the-flow within relationships, will toe the line and do what it takes to makes the other person happy.
    - Has a loose but cohesive ideas about the future - talks about investment properties, or alternative ways to earn enough money so that he can retire early and spend his days doing enjoyable but not very profitable hobbies, like running an organic pig farm.
    - Is not terribly organised (though is better about it when someone else is relying on him) hates shopping, hates dancing. He is bad at making decisions, in the vein of that unhelpful 'So what do you want to do/eat/see/etc?' 'I don't know.'.
    - Is not always a great listener, at times you can see him waiting for you to finish talking, so he can jump back into something else he wants to say.
    - A fairly poor skim-reader, the number of times I have told him about something in writing (email, message), to which he has responded, only to have completely missed half of what I said... is fairly frequent. This occurs even when it's something important or relevant: "You know that thing you wanted to do/buy/see... well this offer goes until xx, make sure you don't miss it." And sure enough, he will miss it!

    Um, that's about all I can think of. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your help!
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