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Again, what I found is that what appear to be conflicting hemispheres actually involve different levels of the brain. It's three dimensional after all, and left/right; front/back are only two dimensions, but there's upper and lower, and different things could be located l/r/b/f further down, and also, don't forget that the Lenore/Niednagel theory is dealing with functions, not properties like "introversion" in general which are distinct from functions.
One theory is dealing with "activity" in the neocortex, and the other is dealing with neural connections between the cortex and limbic system.
major neural connections in brains:

it doesent make any real difference whether you look at cortex or connections between limbic system and cortex. if you see Ti in front when you look at the surface, you dont see it in the back, but not front, no matter how deep you look. if you dig deeper, you just get to regions involved with different things than Ti.

my point with introversion being in the front was that if you are an introvert, you have dominant introverted function, nardis work showed that dominant functions are easily triggered(show activity to small amount of stimuli), taking this into account, logical conclusion = introverted functions(or at least most of them) should be in the front areas and if you look at where nardi placed Ti and Fi, they are in front. if you look what areas of the brains are involved in stuff similar(google brodmann area and see what areas share similarities with functions) to Ti and Fi, they are in the frontal cortex. temporal lobe(hearing), occipital lobe(seeing), somatosensory cortex(touch feel) are all in the back(somatosensory almost middle, but still back, since front and back are divided by central sulcus). temporal lobe is also involved with social feedback, which is naturally a big part of Fe(but Fe is also involved with left prefrontal cortex according to nardi, because front is involved with decision making, explaining etc).

also the processing of cortex happens mainly in the surface(gray matter), not in deeper levels of cortex(thalamus etc are also gray matter, since they process stuff), there are pretty much just myelinated axons(white matter) connecting different neurons. -> neocortex is where the functions are being produced, deeper parts of cortex are just fibers and deeper parts of the brains, like limbic system is where activity from cortex is being descended and where consciousness etc are formed. basically neocortex calculates and sends calculations to deeper parts, which also "ask" for certain answers, which the neocortex calculates. for example visual cortex calculates an image based on actiopotentials sent by your eyes and sends the calculations to limbic system. if the info gets processed normally in visual cortex, but doesent reach limbic system, it doesent come to your consciousness.

when it comes to her dealing with functions, i know and thats why i facepalmed since she is dealing with functions, but is looking at some stereotypical traits associated with J and P types and draws conclusions of where functions are, from that. on top of that, those traits she lists arent even that well connected..