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    Default Help me type myself! INTJ or ENTP (or what)?

    I took several MBTI-based tests and got somehow inconsistent results. I definitely score as N and T, but other variables seems to be undecided. The two types I most commonly get are INTJ and ENTP, that as far as I know are not just different but even considered the opposite of each other.

    [random reaction: "I am my own shadow! I will haunt myself!"].

    So let's try to figure this out. I'll give you some info about myself, then please tell me if I have to add anything more (I won't bother writing the whole story of my life here, hehe).

    The I/E alternative is the one thing that puzzles me more; I have always assumed I were an Introvert since I don't have great people skills (much better now than when younger, though) and I don't get along with most people since I have troubles fitting in.
    But on the other hand I am definitely not a shy person, nor withdrawn. Thinking about how I was in school - I didn't have many friends, but I wasn't shutting up very much either; I was the kind of annoying-although-smart-student who interrupts the lesson every few minutes to argue with the teacher, make smartass remarks or not-so-related comments. Now I am a grown up version of that, even though more civilized.
    Never really minded attention and never been scared by public speaking.
    I love the companionship of interesting people, while the stupid chick group makes me crave for solitude. Or for deadly weapons.
    At times I need to be alone anyway, though, mainly because I love reading.

    I took a degree in Philosophy, then changed my mind and took another in Law. Always (or almost) have got very good results in spite of, uh, questionable efforts... Let's say, I don't have the best attention span but then I catch up because I am quick. I do care about achieving my goals, it's just I am not so good at staying on track. I usually respect deadlines, but 90% of the job is done in the lastest 10% of the time, with the strenght given by despair.

    I've always sucked on the romantic side because I come across as a tomboy, not because I am butch but because I don't play the cutie little thing and I both joke and discuss with guys on their same level.

    Now I am working as an apprentice lawyer; I kind of like it even though I am not so sure of what I am going to do when I grow up. I'd really love to have things decided but it's not something I can fix now so I avoid the issue.
    Anyway, the Law field is stimulating because you face new challanges every time; nevertheless I don't think I can't ever be one of those lawyers who are all about their career and nothing else. I enjoy too much picking up new hobbies and learning random stuff for its own sake; it's not supposed to bring me anything practical but it's an important part of my life.

    Okay this is something about me, so you MBTI experts can tell from it what type I am?

    BTW. I consider "identity" as an interpretation/what you become/game you play until you find something else, rather that something cast in stone. So I don't take the whole personality thing too seriously. Nevertheless I am very curious to know how to classify what I am being, whatever it means.

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    Interesting. I've started to notice the ENTP/INTJ similarities more, when I once thought they were totally different types. I tend to have trouble typing that INTJ variety out there that appears kind of ENTP quirky/enthusiastic. I don't usually mistake ENTPs for INTJs though. Based on that, if I had to pick between INTJ and ENTP for you, I'd say INTJ. ENTPs may be socially awkward, but they don't usually seem to consider themselves socially awkward overall (based on the ones I know). That tertiary Fe can really connect with others if they want to. The INTJs I know don't have a problem admitting they have trouble relating to others.

    However, I don't think you gave enough info for me to type you with any real certainty.
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    between ENTP and INTJ and your description, i lean towards ENTP. but steph is right, not enough info for certainty.

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    I lean towards ENTP too.

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    Another vote for ENTP.

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    I'd say ENTP too, mainly based on avoiding decisions about your career, tiptoeing around deadlines and loving new challenges everyday, which is P for me.

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    Maybe I should summon @Riva to this thread as I know he debated between ENTP and INTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    Maybe I should summon @Riva to this thread as I know he debated between ENTP and INTJ.
    Oh it was never really a debate. But I could try and help.

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