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Thread: INFP or ISFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocket lint View Post
    Do you like to read/interpret literature or poems?

    I don't know if other ISFPs are the same way, but I struggled in English literature class because most of the time I would just read the text or poem and actually get in trouble for interpreting things literally. I get very uncomfortable when I have to figure out possible "hidden meanings" because not everything has to have an explanation... *shrugs*.

    This is from a thread set up by Rivercrow that helped me see the difference between what S and N pick up on: Record what you notice, as you notice it. Try to capture your first impressions.

    The man’s head is floating.
    The styles don’t match because part of it looks like a statue and part of it doesn’t.
    His hands are sticking out the windows.
    There’s a box in the front and a train in the background.
    There’s two men shaking hands or at least that’s what it kind of looks like.
    The sky is a green-yellow.
    There’s a statue of an animal that looks like it could be a lion.
    The man looks like he might be trapped.
    The shading on the mountains in the background remind me of the way I shade when I watercolor.
    There are two yellow flags on poles on the building in the back.
    The house looks like it was made in Microsoft paint.
    I have no clue about any symbolism in the painting. The man feels out of place like he looks out of place? Life doesn’t make sense just like the picture doesn’t make sense? Something about different worlds coming together represented by the different styles in the picture? I don’t know. I get kind of a weird feeling when I look at it. It looks like something you might see when you’re dreaming.

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    Based on that - ISFP. I think you are looking at it quite literally with lots of visual detail/observations.

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    My mother is an ISFP, and she can be occasionally somewhat 'spacey' (like automatically driving to school where she's dropped us off every day for years, when she meant to be going somewhere else!) and she and I have the greatest conversations about life, the universe, and everything in it, and she is even quite interested in MBTI, but more because she sees a practical application for it - as in it helps her understand differences between people (her and my dad, for example) and that it's also good to explain that she is perfectly normal the way she is.

    At the same time, she learns much better when being shown something, when she can get her hands on it, and her interests are firmly in the arts-and-crafts sort of area. She needs to keep herself busy and have some purpose to what she does (beyond just housework, etc) - she's even held a few casual jobs in the last year or so, even though there's not really any need for her to work.

    So, she sounds a lot like you, Sunshine. I'd think ISFP is a pretty safe bet.
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

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