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    Default Difference between 2w3s and 3w2s?

    Okay. So, after a whole lot of soul-searching and research, I've decided that I'm 99.9% positive that I'm either a 2w3 or a 3w2. Trouble is, I identify so strongly with both of them that I'm not quite sure which one suits me more. On the one hand, I feel so happy when I know that I've helped others or that I've been nice to them. I feel the need to be nice and get this rush from being pleasant towards others. On the other hand, though, I'm very goal-oriented and my entire future to me is based on this one long-term goal I have - I will be successful if I achieve it, and I will be a failure if I don't. I'm like that with a lot of things in life, and nothing makes me feel better than achieving a goal - whether it be increasing a note in my vocal range (I'm a singer) or hitting my workout goal (I have an eating disorder, I'm a bit perfectionistic), I get this rush and feel like I can do anything. But I also love helping out others so, so much. And it's stemmed from a genuine desire to be a good person and feel the warm feeling in my heart, not out of need to be needed. I actually don't really like being needed, haha.

    So, what's the difference? Thanks so much in advance for any help!
    And sorry if I sound prideful or egoistical. I do have a bit of a loving-self thing.

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    I still suspect 3w2 for the reason stated in the other thread
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    Yeah, I think I might be leaning towards that one. Thanks so much!

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