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    Default What am I most likely to be based on this information?

    I've tested multiple times and been given different results depending on how I understand the question.

    Questions like "do you gain energy around people or when you're on your own?" don't make sense to me. I understand it's E or I but I'm both in some ways.

    I can get very enthusiastic and energized when talking to someone about something interesting or that I'm passionate about but at the same time I'm way too self conscious and insecure about my flaws to feel "comfortable" around people. I crave attention (want to be noticed and without trying I usually am) but also feel uncomfortable being the center of attention. I feel depressed and lonely if I don't have any contact with people for extended periods of time even if it's only Facebook or something. I can be very open with people with secrets about myself and feelings. I'm the kind of person who will jump into starting a new college course just because I feel so passionately and enthusiastically about the subject. I also go to college to potentially meet new friends and partners.

    I don't feel energetic when I'm on my own, but, I do feel comfortable (although when truly on my own I've been known to energetically dance or sing in front of the mirror ahaha). I have only a few close friends but I do have other friends outside of the select few who are close to me. I read and research a lot about things that interest me (although if someone started talking to me about something interesting I'd focus more on the conversation than what I was reading). I'm uncomfortable conversing with strangers. I don't initiate things very much but I'm not sure if that's because I get an ego boost when someone initiates something with me OR whether I just don't feel comfortable having the responsibility.

    I most often get given N over S but have been given S once or twice. Overall I'm happy with N.

    I most often get given F over T but have been given T once. F feels right (aha) and I think (aha ...again) that only being given T once suggests that it was a mistake.

    I get given P more often than J but not enough for me to say which is more likely. As I understand it if I'm J then I'll use my Feeling more often and if I'm P then I'll use my Intuition more often. I'm not sure whether I respond more to how something is said or what is said. I don't fully understand intuition or perceiving and that makes it difficult to rule them out.

    I watch what I say a lot as to not offend somebody (feeling?).

    I tend to be able to figure someone out fast.

    Not really sure what other examples would give you an idea. Sorry.

    I've tried reading through the different type portraits I'm given and how they interact with the world and how they act in relationships and such, but I find I relate to most of them if not all of them.

    Some things to know about me that might help:
    I'm a good problem solver mainly due to being able to think of multiple possible solutions. People like talking to me about their problems and I love to feel I can help and give advice. I'm not organised (room is a mess, keys could be anywhere in the house, wallet often goes missing when I need it). I don't tend to think about the past often unless something gives me reason too (like hearing "our song") and I tend to think about the possibilities of the future (could meet an amazing girl on my next college course). I'm idealistic. I can inspire people rather easily and can help people see the positive side to things. I dislike conflict around me but am quite comfortable defending my view if I'm involved in the conflict.
    I can change to suit the needs of people (became more introverted around introverted friends and more extaverted around extaverted friends. The difference being I was usually drained and depressed spending too much time around introverted friends and was lively and excited around extraverted friends but maybe that's their fault rather than something about me).
    I'm uncomfortable committing to do something days ahead of time (I don't want to tie myself down to something in case something better comes up or I just don't feel like it that day).
    I route for the underdog (but who doesn't?).
    People I think are inauthentic or putting on an act are people I can't feel a strong connection to. I may be friends with them on some level but they won't be someone I choose to hang around with.

    This is probably already a "TL;DR" post so I'll stop there and answer any questions.
    "I feel like I am watching everything from space
    And in a minute I'll hear my name and I'll wake" - Snow Patrol, Finish Line.

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    Maybe enfp??

    I don't know yet but my guess is some sort of fp.
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    Hey thanks for answering!
    I'm pretty amazed at how well the ENFP type description fits. With the others such as INFP (which I've been given a lot) I related much but there were things I had to really look for reasons why that fits and some things just weren't me.
    I related to ENFJ too but once again there were somethings that didn't quite fit.

    I think you may have settled this for me effortlessly =')

    Maybe the problem is I'm not a strong E but I definitely related 100% to the whole "Unlike other Extraverted types, ENFPs need time alone to center themselves, and make sure they are moving in a direction which is in sync with their values."
    As well as "habit of dropping a project when they become excited about a new possibility"

    In fact I related to all of it but these things stood out to me as things that were missing or wrong with the other types.

    Again thanks for replying =)
    "I feel like I am watching everything from space
    And in a minute I'll hear my name and I'll wake" - Snow Patrol, Finish Line.

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