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    Default Unstable ENFP feeling INFJish

    I haven't been around the forums in awhile, but I'm thinking that maybe some of you have seen me before! -waves-

    Well, I'm pretty much ENFP. To the core. Every single aspect of me. However, for the past year, I've been extremely unstable. Completely and utterly unstable and neurotic and erratic. OCD, generalized anxiety, depression, eating disorder, PTSD, the whole nine yards. Especially the eating disorder.

    It's all (especially ED) causing me to be very, very withdrawn and leaving me with no desire to ever go out with anyone. Ever. Then, I thought about it, and even when I'm stable, I find that I'd rather be alone than with another person. But I'd much rather be with a huge group of people (people I haven't met yet is an added bonus) than by myself. Which I guess makes me an extravert. Anyway (sorry, I ramble a lot -_-) I haven't even wanted to go out anywhere. Even though I'm not mentally healthy enough to show my true functions, I'm still kind of questioning who I am.

    ED also makes me feel the need to plan everything out. Everything. Every calorie needs to be planned, and every activity needs to be planned so I can assure I'm in time to go to the gym and I need to know when I'm going out with people so I can plan around that if I'm going out to eat. I hate living like that, but I don't feel comfortable otherwise for the time being. I hope it goes away. Does this make me a J?

    Sorry if this post was all rambly and disorganized -_- Thanks for reading and for any help!

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    I think you know that it doesn't.

    It's just your brains way of obtaining structure amiss the chaos. I think you feel so ungrounded that you're doing it for a sense of control or you have an unhealthy idealized version of yourself that you're pinning all your future happiness on.

    Stop it.

    Breathe. Fix one thing at a time. Don't focus on what's wrong. How you're messing up or dwell on your feelings about it.

    Decide what you want your life to be. Give yourself a goal and a deadline and tasks to do to accomplish it on time.

    You're not an infj. You're an unhappy enfp.

    I'll be happy to help if I can somehow just let me know.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
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    Thank you! I will talk to you if I need anything else.

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    INFJ is the "shadow type" of ENFP. Meaning ENFP and INFJ both have the function preference of NFTS, but the attitudes of the functions are reversed. ENFP is eiei, and INFJ is ieie.
    Under stress (such as what you describe), when our normal function attitude perspectives are not solving the problem, the Self may switch them to their opposites, which are normally in the unconscious.

    So that may be why you seem like an unhealthy INFJ.
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    Oh, wow! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for your help! (:

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