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Ah, I see. I'm DEFINITELY thinking my boyfriend is not an ENTJ now (even though he came out with ENTJ when he took the HumanMetrics test. Probably not the most reliable test, but oh well). I recently found out a friend of mine is an ENTJ, though. While he's just as honest and abrasive as my boyfriend, I can tell that he has a more intuitive pattern of thinking. Big picture thinker, future-oriented, etc. My boyfriend is less concerned with theory and moreso with practical things.

Still unsure on whether he's ESTJ or ESTP, though (I've been talking to Halla a bit about this). My boyfriend is like a rock; he's decisive, loyal and committed, stable and responsible. Yet at the same time, he's spontaneous when he can afford it, adaptable, laid-back and humorous, and doesn't hold personal regard for rules.

If you don't mind, could you tell me a bit more about Te? I don't actually know too much about it, besides the fact that Te users are outspoken about their thoughts and quick to point out logical flaws in others' thinking.
Gah! Wrote the entire post out for you, hit submit and the site was already down for daily maintenance. The following is a short version of what was written.

Difficult for me to explain Te in a vacuum. But from my personal perspective, it's the noisy part of my brain that's self-motivating, categorising, organising, pressuring me to make deadlines, ensuring that any plans can be realised in real life, an internal clock whether for now or future. It drives me and admires efficiency.

If I see something off, it does a rapid ROI calculation of energy expenditure vs. return. It's really helpful and a pain in the ass.

As a thought, have you ever cruised through www.cognitiveprocesses.com? It's an excellent site for high level overview of the functions, as well as quick and dirty look at the types. If you want to get indepth into typology, it's not enough but everyone has to start somewhere.