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    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    Most Enneagram authors posit that Enneagram type can change over time, though they tend to suggest particular paths that it changes.

    W/r to the text I made bold, I think that is one of many "side effect" descriptions that end up in the various sources, due to the prominence of particular MBTI types (in this case, ISFP, INFP, INFJ, ENFP) within a particular Enneagram type. Similarly, type 5 reads as a weird hash of INTJ and INTP descriptions, leaving both INTJ and INTP to find the 5's description incomplete or incorrect, even though it is very often the "truest" of the 9 types for them. I wouldn't expect an INTP 4 to use "works of art" as a means of expressing oneself. I'd expect an INTP concerned with "identity" and "being understood" to approach these issues via INTP strengths: establishing an intellectual identity, establishing clear communications of INTP-style ideas. A type 5 INTP would be motivated by a hunger for ideas and knowledge, while a type 4 INTP would be motivated by a need to express original ideas, to present the most beautiful and elegant logic. An INTP's "inner world" is a world of logical ideas.
    At the end you've perfectly described a 5w4 and not an INTP 4.

    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    Anyway, those or just thoughts. I tend to ponder typological riddles, such as "what does a 'smart ESFP' look like? what does a 'stupid INTJ or INTP' look like?", where the point is to figure out how to separate the stereotypical personalities of a type from the core essence of the type. "What does an INTP 4 look like?" is a similar question, one to which you might even know the answer.
    Not me. I tend to focus on the differences and similarities between people of same type. For example, my type 8 boss wants more and more and more, while my type 8 bro says he doesn't want that kind of life. There must be a wing difference.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acronach View Post
    @Inari Love

    I'm gonna say 6w5 SP/SO for you. Maybe 9s in your tritype though if you relate to it a lot. You do strike me as 6ish though, and an extroverted 5 is pretty much unheard of, especially SX-last
    I am starting to get the idea that my core type is not a 5 as well...but i keep scoring as a 5 on some of the tests...gurr! so I have recently been doing some self discovery. I have a "fear of abandonment" as a core fear...because of my upbringing...the only thing that when i'm stressed it comes out. I think when i was more healthy in high school i literally ignored everyone....if one of the popular kids would try to talk to me i would literally not acknowledge another me...that was my healthy self defense seems impossible to ignore people i don't like....almost like the fear comes out and I am afraid of losing them...even though i don't know them or like them....THAT is NOT ME....i now have to constantsly say to myself...Eff them...who cares if they don't like me and are out of my life forever....i think that's part of my problem not finding my real type. Also i'm just It took me soo long to figure out what MBTI type i was. I mean like 3 years. "sighs" I don't want this to take that long, I think it's because i forget to ask myself what do I want and how do I feel.

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    Type 6 - 6.7
    Type 2 - 6.3
    Type 5 - 5
    Type 1 - 4.7
    Type 4 - 4.7
    Type 3 - 4.3
    Type 8 - 3.7
    Type 9 - 3.3
    Type 7 - 3.3

    Wing 6w5 - 9.2
    Wing 2w1 - 8.7
    Wing 2w3 - 8.5
    Wing 6w7 - 8.4
    Wing 5w6 - 8.4
    Wing 1w2 - 7.9
    Wing 3w2 - 7.5
    Wing 5w4 - 7.4
    Wing 4w5 - 7.2
    Wing 4w3 - 6.9
    Wing 3w4 - 6.7
    Wing 7w6 - 6.7
    Wing 1w9 - 6.4
    Wing 9w1 - 5.7
    Wing 8w9 - 5.4
    Wing 8w7 - 5.4
    Wing 7w8 - 5.2
    Wing 9w8 - 5.2

    This is it...i'm a 6w5 sp/so an i'm sticking to it...don't care this enneagram thing is EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!! i'm done...thankk you all for your input!!!

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