I am not sure which my type is. First of all: I am not a native speaker. I hope you can excuse my mistakes.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend. She is a psychiatrist and wanted to type me. We just get my functions (Fi, Se, Ni, Te) and she said that only I could now my type. So I read all the descriptions about ISFP, INFP and ENFP but I am not sure.

First about ISFPs. I like sensing the world and notice differences. For example: My boyfriend used my scissors and they are in a different place on my desk.
I have also a typical style of clothes, when I was 16 everyone said: You look like an adult. I was not a "freak", just better dressed with good fabrics and colors.

About INFPs. I have a lot of principles I would never abandon. I try not to judge people but it happens very often. I love writing, philosophy but sometimes I get bored with them. It is a bit hard to explain: First I am very excited about the ideas but when I have to think them through I just get bored.

About ENFPs. I can get very enthusiastic. I do not have a lot of friends (maybe 5) but all of them say that I inspire them with my ideas and my talking. I like to start projects with them (sport, hobbies, writing, travel), but I alsways abando them for better ideas. I love debating, but I have problems with people who do not understand me and I can get very quiet.

My gut says ENFP but I am not sure.