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    Default Need help figuring out my boyfriend's type?

    I'm having difficulty typing him. We've been together a few months now. I'm hoping you could help me type him.

    He likes to spend time alone. If we spend much time together he can become tired, distant, and getting more than a few words out of him can be difficult.

    It is very hard for him to give out compliments.

    He can be very cold but it's confusing since he is very much into arts, he paints all day long. He makes little paintings for me to show emotion but he does it rarely.

    He's a good driver. It's his priority in life. He spends all his money on cars, he is bad with money. He promises me things but puts himslef first and admits he's selfish.

    When meeting new people, or when with his friends, his whole face lights up and his eyes smile.

    He's laid back and keeps his opinions to himself. He shows this warm side to his friends so nobody believes me how cold he actually can be. When we argue he had to be always right and hates admitng he's wrong.

    He is againts social rules and mocks people who get married etc.

    Empathy is something he rarely shows. he can be compassionate, loyal and sincere to his friends, and will always go the extra mile for them.

    He is skeptical but naive and trusts too easily. Enneagram type 6. He is jealous of my friends but will never admit it. Even when I reasure him I love him, he says I could show him more I love him.

    He worries a lot. He thinks about the future and has trouble relaxing but lives in the present because he can't make his plans come true.

    When angry he has short, explosive outbursts of emotion. When he's stressed out, or when something is wrong, he is extremely critical of me. If I do 99% of the work excellent, he will find that 1% I've done wrong and complain about it. Later he'll apoligise briefly.

    He's a logical thinker but very passive agressive, like his emotions are in the way of making decision. But he is very calm when he needs to be.

    I think he can surpress Fe. I think he worries about how he comes across to other people. He wants to be masculine.

    If he saw this post he would be shocked how analytical I am.

    He is moody and has a nice side and not so nice one. I can't figure out what type he is?

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    He sounds like an ISTP.

    Although, I think you should try to work out these existing problems; even if they don't have much weight right now, it can really only provide benefit in the long run. Although, it has to be in the context of what "we're" doing wrong, not what "you're" doing wrong.

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