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Thread: INTJ? INFJ?

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    Default INTJ? INFJ?

    Hi everyone, I'm not a native speaker so excuse some english mistakes =) I post here because I didn't found forums of MBTI in my language

    I did three tests, two give me INTJ and one give me INFJ. After reading a lot about both types and some threads about the differences between them I'm still not sure test:

    Extrovert 5% ; Introvert 95%
    Sensing 37% ; Intuition 63%
    47% Thinking ; 53% Feeling
    Judging 68% ; Perceiving 32%

    Info about myself:

    - Very independent of mind and skeptical. Have my own values and principles written in a list. I'm known by my circle as "the one that always do what he wants". If it don't have sense for me, I'm not going to do it

    - I control my feelings and emotions and not the other way. I decide who I'm going to love and why. I decide if I want to feel happy or sad by something that it's happening. Things like "It was love at first sight" or "I can't stop loving you" are things that I don't understand

    - Very curious about why the universe, the world, my country, humans and objects are the way they are

    - I don't like surprises or improvisation. I like to have things under control and going as planned

    - Constantly I have thoughts like "Uhm, this could work better if I do it this way and not in the way I'm doing it right now"

    - Always trying to improve things about myself, always, also very perfectionist

    - One of my principles it's "Make everyone around me happy if doing it don't decrease my level of happiness". Examples:

    My friend wants to go to watch a movie, that don't reduce my level of happiness so it's ok
    My sister wants the last portion of anything, that don't reduce my level of happiness so it's ok
    My friends wants to go out with me to a pub, I don't feel comfortable in pubs, that action clearly decrease my level of happiness so I'm not going to do it
    My mom and I are having a discussion, I know I am right but my ego wil not feel damaged for not winning and the most important thing it's not make my mom feel bad because as I say, I will make everyone around me happy when doing it don't decrease my level of happiness

    - I love to be alone and I don't need to express my feelings or emotions or things I know. The people around me probably don't know the 90% of the things that I have inside of me, and that's ok because if it's not something that will increase their level of happiness they don't need to know unless they want to

    - I'm always thinking in make my loved ones feel loved. I usually tell them that they are great persons and that I really enjoy being around them, or I buy them expensive things they like, or I listen to what they say without judge them, or I offer to help them with something. I also write the things they like and don't like and memorize them, for example..."Carla don't like when someone talks while watching a movie", "Gabriel's favorite ice cream flavors are cherry and white chocolate from Dino Shop", "Ana's favorite type of tea it's black tea"
    I don't need to express my feelings to others, but I know that expressing love to my loved ones makes them happier

    Medicine and Piano student. I am going to be an ER doctor in the future, it's an exciting and non-routine profession in which I can help others while working at night, earning a good salary and living a lot of things

    Watch movies
    Play the piano
    Anime and Manga
    Read books and watch documentary films about astronomy, history, psychology, dinosaurs and health. Also books and videos to improve something about myself

    What you think? INTJ? INFJ? Something else?

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    I'm leaning towards INTJ. Your bit about controlling your emotions and deciding what you feel strikes me as very NT, and doing things to make others happy only if it is neutral or beneficial to your own happiness seems more like Fi than Fe to me.

    Welcome to the forums, by the way.

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    This all sounds like INTJ.
    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."--Ambrose Redmoon

    . . . metamorphosing . . .

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    INTJ 4w5

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    You're going to want to want to read about the cognitive functions if you want to be better sure of your type. These threads can roughly guide you but they aren't going to do well in really deciding anything. This, unfortunately, is where most people have trouble.

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    probs INTJ. You seem to have a complex inner structure of principles to help guide you. But you have a well developed emotional side as well, probs T/F borderline, slightly towards T.
    And by the way, even though you'd like to, you'll never be able to control who you love and how much. Which makes it exciting!

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