hiya guys! - have had various mbti tests with varying results. All i know is i am a definate IXFX lol. please help me sort this out

I am a person who believes in people, individuals. There is not one type fits answer it all depends on the person what the solution etc should be. I am idealist in the way I view how everyone should be good to there fellow man and helpful but accept some people have their own issues that prevent them from being able to be this way and people can only be who they are. I do not care about world issues environment, third world etc and I feel guilty as I know I should. I like animals but not enough to want to own any.

I am anorakish but never neat. I could spend hours categorising books cds, but I leave a trail of mess behind me everywhere as I am always in a rush there is never enough time. I have spent possibly months categorising baby names by country vs popularity etc. I have a book for everything – it is a standing joke amongst friends when I say I wasn’t sure so I looked up my book on this. Or they ask can you find out about this for me can you look it up in your book lol

If there is a decision to be made I will spend hours researching the correct decision best car seat, best holiday…. then ask everyone I know and then given some guidance I will make a decision ….maybe… sometimes the I get stuck if all the info says I should go one way but my gut says the other. even chosing what to eat can be hard sometimes but i am a creature of habit and always go for the same thing in the end

I am a total stresshead – my friend frequently says she gets stressed out just listening to me. I over analyse every angle till I get lost and confused and have to recentre myself. With teamwork I always try and take everyones view on board and in life I can see everyones point and have so much empathy for people I call myself empathetic.

When I was younger life was more black and white and I was never ever late usually twenty minutes early but now I struggle to be on time as I cram so much in. when I was a child I struggled in primary as I frequently zoned out into my own private imaginary world. I was very introverted as a child but as a mother now I find it easier to speak to people I don’t know.

I need my ‘me’ time, something my husband has never understood. If I do not get my me time everything gets out of perspective and I can get quite ratty. I can chat to strangers and keep a conversation going with most people and can be friends with anyone but this is more difficult if I am intimidated by the other person. Ie if I think they are better than me (more successful/posh) or if I think they think I am square.

I overextend myself. When I am in a good place a push myself to give more and more to others as I want to then, I get overwhelmed and have nothing to give.

In my job I reach out to people and help them which is the reason why I do it but my job can also bring a lot of conflict with people with challenging issues. I hate conflict and avoid it at all costs and kind of steer the conversation away. I am a good mediator. I will not cope well if you shout at me or use a tone

In personal crisis I have a strong flight reflex.
That’s all I can think of
Any thoughts?
and thanks xx