Servant #1: ISFJ
Very SJ; her need for realistic fiction, focus on the present, and general dislike of anyone she perceives as lazy are all pointers to this type. Her quiet demeanor and dislike of the more talkative points to her being an Introvert while her considerable interest in giving complements rather than critiques seems to hint at her being a feeler, or at least someone without Ti in her top tier. ISFJ with little doubt.

Servant #2: ENFP
Your statement that she has a habit of daydreaming and a collection of weird tendencies that she seems to be fairly indifferent towards greatly pushes her towards Intuition on the S-N dichotomy while her spontaneous actions seem to imply that she’s a Perceiver.

Servant #3: ISxJ
SJs are traditionalists and the extreme ability to follow a set of prescribed rules without diverting from the formula is a facet of Conscientiousness, a Big Five characteristic which also correlates with Judging. Thus an SJ is more likely to appear extremely devoted to a set of traditional religious beliefs. You already mentioned that she was non-talkative and that she has retained this behavior for the last ten years. That’d be a pretty tall order for an E so I’d most likely say that she’s an Introvert. Her genre preference for realistic fiction is perhaps most telling on the S-N divide though it’s difficult to tell what you mean by her habit of being illogical. What makes you think that?