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Dividing : for instance, each day, allow self only (...) minutes to such activity or just 1 movie per day ...or finish (...) activity by the weekend, so that a new, very different activity can be started on Monday... and I will (try to) stick to this directive, even if it does clash with many external obligations or constraints ... I could just cross them, the end result is usually better when I become more unstructured so as to avoid that kind of compromise.

Categories...from very conventional ones (first volume of a work- second volume - third ...) to rather unconventional ones (go through all the movies featuring animals in sequence, or fuse episodes that take place in the same continent...).
I've tried limiting time on certain activities too but have not been very effective. Saying to myself, I'll only read this book for 30 minutes and then I'll do the more important things, I find the 30 minutes ends up being more like 2 hours.