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I know this has been discussed before, but is it possible? Can another person influence your type change?

I think my Husband has rubbed off on me over the years because I keep scoring INTJ whenever I take an MBTI test online. I think the kids have made me less J and my Husband has brought out my Thinking side.

When I first took an MBTI test online I scored I-56 N-75 F-12 J-78 and now


Here are my results from January of this year.

I've wondered that, despite being really strong in my opinion that you are what you're born with...

I can see it happening more with switching between types with the same 4 functions - for example enfj, infj, estp, istp... because I would think the development of other functions & stress factors could flip things around a little. But that's just a guess...

The reason I've questioned the influence of a husband/parent/close friend is because in my relationship, we are both introverts. However, my boyfriend is WAY more private/quiet/typically introverted than I am. He sees me as outgoing and sociable. My extraverted friends see me as quiet. Upon reading the description of ENFJ, I can relate WHEN I'M WITH MY BOYFRIEND but I don't relate as well to it when I'm with other people in my life. I have to wonder if his introversion brings me out of my shell or does it force me to develop my Fe to the point where it's stronger than my Ni? Could I have always just been a quiet extravert & who happened to enjoy being alone more than other extraverts? Or maybe my boyfriend's strong introversion forces me to be more extraverted for the sake of social situations & dealing with people in general. I've also questioned whether my old pattern of dealing with controlling boyfrends made me quieter and now being in a healthy relationship is letting me finally let go & be myself? I'm as confused as you.