Keys to Cognition typed me as INFP or some Idealist variant while a socionics typed as SEI. I'm not certain over the depth of my extroverted/introverted sensing.

O I have no direct desire to change the world. I wish I have a close team of creative people to do stuff with though. I'm much more interested in inspiring others emotionally and intellectually as an artist. I wish homeless people and every "lost" persons will have a place for their talents though.

O I have little interest in current world affairs unless it was somehow brought up in conversations

O I'm more of a passive receiver in theories than an aggressive provider. My "hobby" in evolutionary theory and psychology is something I want to study to further appreciation of people. I generally don't share ideas or the rare theories I developed or believed to be true unless it is *just* brought up. Oddly enough I can repetitively rerun made-up situations in my head as though I'm sharing knowledge to another person. I fantasize drama for the sake of drama.

O I don't like being controlled or feel doubted/questioned. Too much repetition of examples or things I feel are obvious makes me feel condescended.

O When I read something, my mind is filled with trying to form explanations between lines or try to connect to other subjects. If not, I try to rationalize with an underlying reason.

O I like novels with metaphors and analogies, but I also like the ones that includes some past experiences and memories as long as there's a personal touch to it.

O I more or less do similar things everyday but at different temporal proportions. Almost always, I read/draw but sometimes I might go out to do martial arts for the sake of excercise, or spend the night talking or spend the day with friends or watch anime.

O I don't think I have a preferred learning style besides a preference in teachers that favor corporation over discipline. I do want confirmation from teachers that I'm doing ok though and trust them.

O I always lose my keys and rarely feel the impact to do chores in general. My room rotates from mess to gloss and back to mess because when I fill the mess limit, I find putting things in order comforting. My tendency to lose things make me paranoid outside so I double check a lot.

O I think my thinking is pretty sequential: doing things like writing/talking/making stuff speeds up the evolutionary process to how ideas are generated. When I'm at a emotional high the things I talk about and the way I respond to things get pretty...random on the connections.

O In personal relations, I wish I have more relations where I can talk about inner feelings and just be silly with imaginations. But I'm usually stuck with short-lived small talk and fail to find the ladder to the kind of talk I want.

O I make lots of short term plans for the day/week. When I wake up, It's "ok, today I'll do/try to accomplish x,y, and z for a time limit of something for the day, so I can do a and b for another day". As I trek through the day I cut and change these plans depending on what I feel like doing or feel more interested in. For me, following schedules for consistent progress is a pretentious belief because the idea will disintegrate. I'm shitty at predicting how much time I need to do something and generally fail to flagpole smaller goals to follow.

O I always feel guilty if I cut out events or the things I plan to do just because "I'm feeling tired". I'm a victim of my bodily state. When I have lots of energy, I delude myself easily that the attitude will last.

O It's ok to self-sacrifice myself to keep others happy if I believe the person(s) are worth it, but my empathy has to be "earned". I'm pretty contradictory; in strangers I listen politely but even though I don't believe people deserve to go to hell, my empathy is inaccessible to people with cruel beliefs or insensitive attitudes even if logically (as logical and critical as I can be) it's' valid. I do feel disappointed if close relations have an attitude I don't agree with, but I let it live if its a trait that innately defines who they are.

O It's hard for me to be extroverted when it comes to making a big difference in my life. One time I was nervous during an interview process and I starting sprouting facts like a museum curator and I can't think or extend off their witty remarks because I feel pressured to do so.

OI like advising/directing people if it makes them a better person or help them learn. I prefer drawing for others and coming up with ways to express things for them or amuse them because my innate beliefs tend to be private. I'm not a religious leader, a politican, or a fine artist who wants to give some supreme spiritual experience over the globe, based on my personal beliefs.

O I have minimal understanding of what it means to be a big picture thinker or a detail-oriented person. This feels subjective.

O If I don't have a speculation now, I'll have a speculation or "I wonder if's" from probing a bit into my memory later. I get nostalgia reruns occasionally and stuff can sometimes remind me of the past experiences; broken phrases people said and/or how I or other people were feeling at that time and/or where/what I was doing.

This is where SI confuses me. I don't trust my memory regarding what things exactly look like unless it's place I frequent a lot, despite being an art major and sometimes I wonder about memory capacity in relation to SI and is uncertain as to how much details Si-Dom recalls.

O My sense of direction is generally shit. I rely on maps and landmarks. Directions can make me nervous because the one giving them isn't always right.

O I'm all for self improvement, but not sure about receptiveness to "change". I have uncertainties about changing out of art and doing psychology/therapy. At one point, I want to be a concept artist no matter how hard, and at one point I want something secure/practical and at another time I have this feeling that if I don't chase down being a concept artist every step of the way, I'll regret it 20 years later or something.

O I hate promising personal tasks to people and not being able to carry out, even if they don't seem to care although occasionally I just forget it or leave it altogether over time if I don't like it. Simultaneously, I never seem to fully understand the importance of accomplishing a task until the deadline past. I tried thinking that "everyday is a deadline" to push me to work but it doesn't turn me into a workaholic.

O I have little recollection as to how I generally solve problems. I don't recall being groundbreaking in ways to come up with techniques or new methods to do things although when I start a project, I usually run through ways to illustrate a meaning in my head, and then do reruns to check on possibilities through my hands. Even then, I still may improvise during actual doing.

O I'm not sure about patterns regarding my shadow functions because it's hard for me to recall or perhaps even be self-aware. Although, when I'm neurotic every minor statement seems to imply that I'm not worth anything and I constantly want some external or interpersonal sign that I'm ok. I gradually grow into emotional eruption and then everything will be....ok. It is still difficult to talk about what's bothering me and I feel punished if people ask for answers, because then I'll be criticizing myself.

Sometimes I wonder if one can become their shadow over time, and have a shadow-shadow function.