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Thread: 4w5 or 5w4?

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    OK, that's what I was thinking. I do that a lot--actually, I'm doing that right now (although I'm not aware of Time Cube guy, but I'll look it up).

    I can identify a lot with envy as well, although curiously more so several months ago, less so now. Like I said, these moods seem to come and go, but always alternatively fivish and fourish.

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    You know, the fours withhold themselves too. They don't want to expose their vulnerability so there may be tendency to keep people at a distance. Have you tried looking at the health levels of type 4 and type 5 (, and going from there? It should be obvious from this. If not, then what about type 9 (withdrawn, dissociation can be confused with detachment)?

    Other links that might help:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoftRains View Post
    Could you tell me what the five 'thing' is (if the four 'thing' is feeling as much as possible)?
    Hell, I don't know. I kind of experience the same deal as you so don't ask me. I would say the five thing would be seclusion, detachment and thinking, all of which I do like crazy. I definitely have my four stretches and my five stretches. PM me about this if you'd like. Maybe we can figure it out.

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