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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    I suspect ESTJ. I have the same experience with my boyfriend, that it takes more explanation to get him to understand my meaning and intentions when I am discussing things in the abstract. Though it could also be the nature of dominant T in tending to grasp logical concepts first and holistic concepts later.
    I think it’s probably this. From the OP he sounds more ENTJ to me. From my experience INTJs often “get” things more quickly than ENTJs, although ENTJs aren’t slouches. The fact that he’s trying to “get” it at all is another reason to lean ENTJ in probability. There are ESTJs who will attempt to stick with an abstract discussion, but they are much fewer and farther between.

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    Guys, I edited my main post with some added information, including this paragraph about a conversation about Ni and Si with my boyfriend, which is probably the most important addition:

    "Now, here is a huge thing to consider... I had a long talk with him about the attributes of Ni and Si, trying to see which one he leaned more towards. He is really not interested in personality types, but after learning the general differences, he said that he couldn't decide which one he practiced more. He feels that they are both important, and that people shouldn't just have ONE and leave out the other. And I feel like he really incorporates both into his thinking. While he's a huge demander of empirical evidence and is reluctant to make assumptions, he also doesn't ignore the concept of meaning and the big picture. He typically lives in the present, not dwelling on future problems until they actually arise; however, he still has the ability to plan long-term if he feels that it's needed. On one hand, he sees Ni dominants as unable to prove their interpretations and somewhat irrational; on the other hand, he sees Si dominants as shallow and a bit dense. For me, this is the main reason why it's so hard to pin down his type."

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