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Thread: Type my dad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eilonwy View Post
    I know very little about enneagram at this point.
    Here's a good source on the enneagram is you're interested:

    If my dad was an ESTP, he was a very low-key one. I'll have to do some thinking on that one.
    Well it is possible for ESTP's to be low-key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eilonwy View Post
    I didn't know my dad very well. He was stationed elsewhere when I was 2, and didn't come home until he retired, when I was 13. I'm hoping for a little insight into who he was by figuring out his type. I'm inclined to think IxxP, but, I'm still pretty new to all of this, so I'd like some help.

    Here are some things I know about him:

    He used to spend hours alone in his room, with the door closed, playing solitaire.

    His nieces have told me that he was the fun uncle--always joking.

    He did like to tell bad jokes and he loved puns. He had a circle of cork that had "Round Tuit" printed on it, so that he could say he would get "a round tuit".

    He loved those 3D puzzle cubes and other puzzles that required good spatial skills.

    He liked to read.

    He did gymnastics as a young man and loved to swim.

    He spoke several languages, including Russian, German, and French.

    My mom used to say that he got along well with younger children, but didn't know how to relate to kids once they hit their teens. He was really good with younger kids. He had the patience to teach them to swim and read, etc. He also would play and have fun.

    He headed up a Boy Scout troop for several years.

    In the military, I believe he started out as a mechanic. I think he ended up in Supplies after the war.

    The military was his career. 30 years in the Air Force (what started out as Army/Airforce).

    He was a terrible driver. Some people were actually scared to ride in a car with him. He would miss stop signs and drive very fast. Some of that may have come from being raised in Montana in the 1920's and 30s (probably a lot of open space there then).

    Although he could be scary when he yelled, I mostly perceived him as a gentle, quiet person.

    He was not into material things, which was one of my mom's complaints. He was happy with the basics and didn't need fancy stuff.
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