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    I think I have a good idea of what type fits me, but I do wonder what others would say I am...
    Anyone interested in giving me your opinion???????
    If so, just given the following information, what would you guess my type to be? MBTI or anything else...
    __________________________________________________ ______

    I think that the fact that I am an introvert is a bit obvious. I think a lot about my actions before I follow through with them. I spend a lot of time thinking. When someone speaks to me, they often catch me off guard and 'in my head'. I like to think about what I am going to say, but I also like to examine the question, motive, and understand why the question was asked or what the question really means. That was a long 'sentence', so I'm sure you could imagine how long I take in responding to someone, if I respond at all. Sometime I start thinking about the fact that they spoke to me and I miss out on half the question. And then they want an answer right away.
    I'm not interested in most conversations I hear. Sometimes I actually listen to people, but other times I am just constantly bothered by their presence while not being entirely aware of my surroundings or what they are saying.
    Repetitive noises and music bugs the crap out of me!
    I LOVE listening to the music that I do like. Some of the music I listen that is repetitive in beat or vocals would just about give me nervous ticks if I listened to it around other people as my mind likes to 'clamp' on to the notes. The music which I enjoy the most is very complex musically with lyrics that I think are smart, deep, or sexual in some way. I don't enjoy industrial metal..and I don't enjoy most music at the other end of the 'heavy/light' scale.

    I spend most of the day alone. I like to just lay on the floor and stretch, exercise, lick my arms once in a while, listen to music. Specific music highly excites me and I greatly greatly enjoy dancing and feeling it. My thoughts and things I read online are very exciting to me and cause me to jump up from my seat with excitement or pace..ugh.. When around other people I constantly am aware of their presence. I also suppose that I would look a little odd doing my 'alone' things in front of other people, though it is hard to guess how they would interpret me.
    My favorite thing to do online is to read and ask questions. I like knowing others' opinions and reading arguments. Philosophy and psychology interest me a lot.
    I like art and being creative, but I am somehow not good at design or coming up with what other people would be attracted to.
    When I ask questions, I usually want more that just a simple opinion. I want to know the reasoning someone took. I want to know what their argument or opinion is based on.
    I was religious for a while as I was brought up in a Christian family. I came to the conclusion eventually on my own that it did not make sense.
    I'll consider almost any argument or any idea..but I'll not put a great deal of faith in most things.

    I often can't come to a conclusion.

    Nietzsche's writings are some of the most interesting works to read. His thinking is easier for me to relate to than..hmm.. Plato?

    I saw the spinning girl and she spun clockwise every time. Right brained. I like logical arguments. I am bad at 'keeping track' of numbers and counting. I use to have trouble telling time right at the instant in which I looked at the clock. I had to think about it. Algebra and geometry were never bad though once I 'got it'.
    My expectation in life is to gain a better understanding of the world, open my mind more, and get rid of blockages and assumptions which have hindered me. If I can understand the world better..everything else will fall into in place as they can get...

    That was a lot of writing. I didn't wish to bore anyone to death.

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    I was going to say INTP, but it's more important to hear it from you....

    I see Ti and Ne and Si in you.

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    INTP or maybe INTJ

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    Ok, I'm not sure that the thread served its purpose. Maybe it did. I always score as INTP...and I think INTP sounds right...but sometimes I feel so

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    You sound like an INTP. Your goal is to understand the world, you say that you don't easily come to conclusions and you are more NT than any of the other temperaments.

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