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    Cool Slightly expressed me!

    Hello! I took an online test and I got ESTP but everything was slightly expressed apart from P which was moderately expressed. Just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not ESTP is a good fit!

    Some things about me

    - I get bored easily. I am interested in everything up to a point. Usually a general working knowledge of things is enough for me.

    - I need to keep moving. I would rather walk home than wait for a bus even if the bus takes 15 minutes and walking takes 45.

    - I changed career paths many times, I always ended up in situations where I could see where it would take me and I'd want to run as far away as possible. I ended up starting my own business and I like that it could either flop or do well according to what effort I put into it. I like the idea of success being limitless. My work is creative and slightly technical. Nothing hardcore. I have problems with procrastination, especially if I have lost momentum.

    - I am competitive but Im not a bad sport. I like to heckle people for fun.

    - I have been in a relationship for over a decade. I pursued him. I didn't want to moon over him from afar and waste time. We like to do active things together, watch documentaries and action flicks, explore new places and try new things.. He is very good at feelings and when im upset I talk to him and the ball of negative energy unfurls into thoughts and feelings that I can understand. We had to work at communication, especially on my part when it comes to emotional stuff. He is a lot of fun. When we see people eavesdropping on our conversations I will put on an upset voice and tell him that I wish he never made me abort the baby and we will have a good laugh about it.

    - I'm loyal and easy going. I will laugh at almost anything, my own sense of humor is a bit crude. I laugh very loudly. I especially like it when people say inappropriate or offensive things. I do have a temper but it's usually when my ego has been bruised or i have low sugar lol

    - I don't care much for conflict. It makes me cringe. I avoid drama and try to speak as plainly as possible. I think it's the best way to get what you want. I have the most issues with my family, who I've had bad relations since childhood. Things they do can really hurt me to the point where I become despondent and inactive. As soon as I can rearrange my feelings to where it makes sense in my head I am ok. My current solution is just to cut contact. I've done this with a few people.

    - I'm not a forgiving person, if I sense something nasty about a person or they are openly nasty to me I will avoid them. My thinking is why waste the effort when it doesn't matter anyway! I want a stress free existence!

    - I dont like to huddle around sharing sob stories, I usually will talk about goals or positive things currently happening in my life and some people mistake it for arrogance. Some people Really want to tell me about "how life really is" but I think it's what I make it.

    - I have a bad habit where will try to dazzle people into friendship then withdraw if it gets too close or they become a bit boring to me. Boring usually means that the conversation is mostly about their day or other people. I like chatting when it's about opinions, observations, ideas.. I find everyday stuff tedious and complaining even worse.. I can't stand people who have excuses for everything! If I'm in a crappy mood I sometimes needle people.

    - I observe people when I meet them. If I'm not interested I have to be prodded for responses. If I am I'm tend to data mine people about their profession or interests.

    - I like problem solving and I'm pretty resourceful. I like it when people ask me for my opinion on how something should be set up etc.

    - I spend a lot of my time working alone and feel a bit stir crazy if I don't go outside to recharge my batteries. I like things like twitter because I can talk to people with the same interests and generating and sharing content I like!

    A little bit TLDR but what do you think?

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    You sound ESTP to me.

    You seem to be definitely S and P. E also seems like a good fit. You seem to have a developed feeling function, although it doesn't seem to be your natural preference.

    If you cared if you upset anyone with your abortion jokes, you'd probably be an ESFP.

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    ESTP is possible, although I wouldn't rule out ESFP either. Enneagram wise, 7 seems about right, although I'm not sure on the wing or variant.

    Also, welcome to the forums I like your username :3

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