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    Default Help me type my mother

    I need some help typing my mother. Here's a list of her characteristics. I'd appreciate any help, so thanks in advance.

    • Fairly reserved. Doesn't have many friends, and isn't interested in making them.
    • Gets easily tired from long discussions and too much talking, especially if the subject is serious.
    • Cynical and somewhat misanthropic, but holds tightly to her ideals.
    • Religious, but much more in the spiritual, transcendental sense than the social one - she doesn't care about various church norms and has her own personal beliefs (pretty close to deism or pantheism), even though she's nominally Christian. It appears that she equates faith with hope - she tends to exclaim "There is no God!" when depressed.
    • Tends towards conservativism and traditionalism, even though she's fairly open-minded and allows her beliefs to be challenged.
    • Self-righteous, stubborn and proud. Would never admit guilt.
    • Very sensitive and emotionally labile. Prone to temper tantrums and irrational behaviour.
    • Emotional, passionate and irrational. I have trouble understanding her train of thought.
    • Very hard-working and commited.
    • A dreamer. Anything but close to earth. Can often come up with various crazy ideas for profit (buying a redwood tree seed, shipping it across half of the planet, waiting until the tree grows then cutting it down and selling firewood), and refuses to listen when people point out obvious flaws in the realization of her plan.
    • Artistic. Loves painting and writing.
    • Adores metaphors, mysteries and looking for hidden meanings.
    • Loves nature and animals.
    • Laid-back and informal.
    • Can be pretty fun if in the right mood.
    • Prone to changing her mind. She may make a decision, loudly exclaim it and make promises, only to forget about it half an hour later.
    • Very intelligent.
    • Loves making radical changes to objects and the environment just for the hell of it.
    • Her mood dramatically oscilates between happy-go-lucky and constant worrying.
    • Sarcastic. Has a good sense of humor.
    • Deeply compassionate and empathethic, even though, to outsiders and ocassionaly even people close to her, she likes giving the impression of an uncaring cynic with a serious, formal attitude and a "live and let live" mentality.
    • "Spaced out", forgetful and disorganized, sometimes even appearing oblivious to her surroundings.
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    sounds infp

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    Hmmmmm, I'd say possibly INFP or ENFP

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