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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    Ah, but the functions are so fun!
    OK edit. I can do this. Even if its 12 in the morning and I have finals tomorrow.

    (this was planned to be an edit. Then I needed to bump the thread)

    Ne - I love patterns. I find patterns. I make games out of them in my mind. But my mind is not that of "chaos" as an Ne dominant person. I don't jump to idea to idea. And I sure as hell don't brainstorm. Nor do I enjoy doing. I wing it hope for the best and let my mouth do the rest. School wise anyway. Stuff I actually care about wise my mind is usually singlely focused. For idea's. I usually have separate operations on my mind working on there own project. Its less like a storm of chaos and more like an office when everyone has there own neat little cubicle working diligently and heartlessly.

    Fe - I love Fe as a function. I love helping people. I love the idea of making people feel better and just being a loving person. Probably my favorite of all of them. Plus the perks of slight manipulation I see in most FJ's in my life don't make it seem that bad either. But I simply can't do it. I don't have the heart. My feelings are sensitive to those around me. I can never be happy if my friend is sad. If someone else is angry I will get angry. My feelings are very promptly effected by those around me. So maybe I like Fe out of selfishness? If someone else is sad the most I can do is offer a very convincing fake smile and the awkward "it will be okay". Sometimes. Other times I just panic and get someone else to fix it. Ok most of the time. Although I think it is possible that maybe my sensitivity to the feelings of others has to do with some sort of Fe in my development.

    Ni - I would say I'm rather good with this function. I find it the most useful. Although while doing this my mind will usually split off. Ni as I understand goes further and further into 1 possibility. My mind prefers to expand on these possibilities due to my innate paranoia. So it branches off into a kind of tree of possibilities each with its own solution and idea's and possible outcome. Plus what If one of my possibilities come through what I can do to push it into my favor and how I can take advantage of certain otherwise bad situations. Although I wonder if this is some more organized Ne.

    Se - I really just consider the function necessary to my survival in a social environment. I have to pick up on social gestures and my surroundings if I want to make what I want to happen happen. Even with all the possibilities I have sometimes things don't go according to plan. Being able to quickly pick up on your environment and immediately adapt is important to me.

    Si - I find this also important. If you do not learn from the past how can you improve the future? I judge myself rather harshness in my past. I regret most things I ever done. They all could of been done so much better if I just thought ahead. I hate myself for the tiniest mistake. I am critical of my past and do my best to correct it in the future. If I ever make the same mistake more then once I am usually mad at myself. I seek for improvement.

    Te - I have no desire to organize nor control people. I don't like being the boss. But 90% of the time people are untrustworthy and flat out stupid and don't know what to do. So lots of the time I find myself being in charge. Because I'm the only one capable. I have no need to organize objects. Messes don't bother me. I really for the most part have little desire to control things unless they directly effect me. Because I consider myself a fairly passive person unless I'm near someone I don't like. I dislike systems. I dislike what most people call efficiency. If something is the same all the time it is never efficent. Effiency requires adaptability and change. No system or idea works for everything. And apply ideas to things the idea does not fit on is ridiculous. When theres a goal or something I care about I reach it. But never by the same system. Although in reality. I have very few goals. Or things I think are worth planning for in general. As I said earlier. I wing stuff all the time. And it always works out for me.

    Ti - I am curious of how things work. I question all and everything. Nothing is not worth learning. But I don't deconstruct and tear things apart like Ti. I reconstruct. I take existing idea's and do not find flaws in them but find the good things and I use them for my own plans. I consider almost everything in the world flawed. Even a victory is always bitter-sweet for me because I look back and say I could of won better. The question "Why" is important to me. I always run into problems with authority with this. I deconstruct rules and even other peoples morals. This usually made people call me "Rebellious". Simply because If I see no use in a rule I won't follow it. Its simple as that. I find questions are the most important things in life. Analytical thinking helps me achieve such reconstruction and manipulation of rules and systems. Although I'm sure I would probably deconstruct such things if I had a chance. Its just I'm rarely in such positions of power to do such a thing.

    Fi - Ok. I don't really have morals to be completely honest. Internal sets of values..what I'm reading about Fi right now...Eh. I have no such things. Such rules could easily be turned against me. Values like that seem like they would hold me back if anything. I just see no gain from this. Nothing is this simple. I can't just create a rule like "Killing people is bad" then 20 years later my family is being held at gunpoint and I have a knife and the only way to save them to is to kill him. Having such an internal set of rules is...risky business at minimum. Even if I dead set such rules I would probably break them myself. Its impossible not too. Sure I have limits. So does everyone. But so narrowly defining them and even calling them "Values" is ridiculous to me. I'm not gonna bound my life by such terms.

    There I think thats all of them. Maybe I should of done them in order.
    Glance into the world just as though time were gone: and everything crooked will become straight to you.

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    @Mr. TickTock: going by your function description, I'd say ENFJ.

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    I don't like function analysis, but I'll say ENFP. Your disliking Fi doesn't contribute to my call here, it's about how your 4 letters fit together.
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