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    Default Help with my Tritype?


    I dont really understand the inner workings of the enneagram too much, but was recently introduced to the notion of a tritype.

    I am certainly a 4w5 and an sp/sx. But with the tritypes I identify with:

    471-the visionary
    417-the catalyst
    and a distant third 478

    How do you know which one is right? Do you know which one fits me the best, please guess!

    once you have this, does a tritype evolve with time? How do you find out about blindspots and stuff like that?


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    You understand your tritype by first understanding each type. Don't try to find it out by grouping the types as a homogeneous blob.

    I like this site for enneagram information.

    Anyways, the first type in your tritype is your primary way of dealing with the world. I have 6 first, which means that my primary way of dealing with the world is 6. This is also my head type (5, 6, or 7). My second type is 3. It fulfills the role of my heart type (2, 3, or 4). Last is 1, which fulfills the role of my body/gut type (8,9, or 1). As stated before, my primary way of dealing with the world is 6 and head oriented. If the 6/head approach does not work, I move on to a 3/heart approach. If even that does not work (or the situation is not solved by a head or heart approach), I move on to 1/body.
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    I don't really see 471 vs 417 as a major issue. You've got your main type, you know your tritype archetype. Good enough I say.
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