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    Default personality cafe function quiz/ my results

    Has anyone taken the function quiz on personality cafe? It seems rather basic to me, I'm not sure how accurate it may be. It seems like it'd be easy to bias the test if you know cognitive functions well. I got the following though:

    Se - Fe - Ti - Ne - Te - Fi - Si - Ni

    Extroverted Sensation (Se) |||||||||||||||||| 8.21
    Extroverted Feeling (Fe) ||||||||||||||||| 7.91
    Introverted Thinking (Ti) |||||||||||||| 6.22
    Extroverted Intuition (Ne) |||||||||||| 5.42
    Extroverted Thinking (Te) ||||||||||| 4.85
    Introverted Feeling (Fi) ||||||||| 3.62
    Introverted Sensation (Si) |||||| 2.04
    Introverted Intuition (Ni) ||| 0.6

    It's hard to assess myself and my operating functions sometimes depending on what functions are at the forefront. I've gone from solid INTP at the time I joined this forum to largely XSTP by any test I've taken in the past few months. While this has been a consciously facilitated shift, I think it may very well be the case that I was naturally more Se dominant to begin with, but developed Ne as a way of disconnecting from the world around me as I went through some stuff as a kid. That's the only GOOD way I could describe such speedy progress in shifting towards Se from Ne if these tests are at all accurate in assessing my thought patterns and perceptions. As I remember, much of what I attributed to Ne perception was consciously developed as well as I tried to move further into the world of ideas and knowledge, in order to create my own systematic map of the world, a complete model that could predict the behavior of people and discern the nature of the physical world with, utmost accuracy being the most salient prerogative. In other words, natural inclination towards Ti paired with Ne to intuitively piece together information about the world and conceptualize it, with Fe to fill in the social framework of the model by examining the motivations and desires underlying the behavior of the people I carefully observed from afar. Imo, it gave me a sickeningly perceptive view of how the world looks and what people are likely to do in any given situation, and that knowledge made me very bored, and very cynical.

    So, I made some moves and sacrifices to radically shift types to something not singularly focused on ideas and knowledge, but on a set of functions that can enjoy everything in the present and use that to better interact with people and actually accomplish things in the real world. To get things done instead of thinking about them, to finally put that storehouse of knowledge to use, as I originally intended (to the best of my memory). It's definitely true that former Ne driven stuff I used to do doesn't come nearly as easily in my current normal mode of operating, which seems to be at an ISTP level. ISTP is like my new ground state, with ESTP being my most energized and driven mode. With that energy and the focus that Se has, I'm better able to put to use every bit of knowledge I've gained by observing the world over the years. It's an exciting new phase, a chance to evolve to heights I had never envisioned before.

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    In my signature are the results I've received from that test. They seem fairly accurate to me, especially the first three (perfect order)!

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    I really could see xSTP working for you. __TP, I'm pretty sure of.... probably in ambiverted ranges, and you give somewhat of an Se vibe at times but I still can't tell for sure if it's a natural preference of yours. I'm leaning towards yes, from what you said here.

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