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    Default Challenge: type me based on my music!

    I thought this might be a fun challenge. I know what my type is, but I was wondering if, by listening to some of my music and music-related videos, others would be able to type me accurately!

    Here is where you can hear my past several albums:

    My Bandcamp page

    And maybe some video would help? If so:

    My YouTube channel

    I could give you guys more info about my music and whatnot, but that might give too much away!

    Got nuts!

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    SP? Could also see ENTP.

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    Interesting! What makes you think that?

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    My answer was a pretty flimsy guess; I didn't listen to many songs, or really analyse them. After listening to the first two songs from the first link, the only impression I was getting was Se. Then a few of the YouTube videos reminded me of songs I know by ENTPS.

    My guesses in order would probably have been ESTP>ENTP/ESFP>ISTP, but I wouldn't be surprised If I was way off.

    Was I anywhere near?

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    I am totally INFP! It is really interesting for me to see how others might see me based on my livelihood (and how I mostly earn my living).

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to and think about my music and type! I'd really be interested to see what others have to say about this.

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