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Thread: Type me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    first thought is enfp, but you also kind of remind me of luna from here, who is an entp.
    Good call.... I thought as I was reading this "wow do you sound way too much like me but I have to stop making type calls just based on that"

    But yeah, I'll go ahead and say that you seem to be some sort of ENP. I'll let you know if/when I figure out the T/F difference enough to figure it out for you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakawaka View Post
    My personally beliefs are based on contemplation, experience and observation. It gets refined over time based on the new things I happen upon. I find that it difficult to follow other people because eventually I'll reject internally or just hop over to other ways of thinking (at least, until their thinking makes sense by itself). I do feel very guilty or that I owe them if I miss a deadline or was procrastinating when I"m supposed to be darting straight into say, a piece of artwork.
    Sounds like Fi to me.

    That's a hard one. I rarely do in depth research until I hit a blunder or truly uncertain so I'll go with the second. My first question in receiving message is likely "what is the implication" and then / or "why".
    Soundslike Ti, although your Fi seems a somewhat stronger.

    All in all, ENFP is probably most possible, followed by ENTP; when I have more time I'll post some information concerning the function atttitudes of Fi/Te and Ti/Fe.

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