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Thread: ENTJ and ESTP

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    I think the article was explicit and correct in distinguishing the differences in their core temperament styles:
    Different temperaments, but much in common. ESTP is a variation of the Artisan pattern and ENTJ is a variation of the Rational pattern. Artisans have a core need for having the freedom to choose the next thing they are going to do with a drive to action and to make an impact, whereas Rationals have a core need for mastery, self-control, knowledge and competence.

    The Rational need for competence also resonates with the ESTP. However, for the ENTJ, being competent ahead of doing something is crucial and they will want to understand something completely before they go ahead and act. The ESTP, on the other hand, will be more likely to quickly grasp the essence of something and then go ahead and take action, gaining competence as they go. When hearing descriptors, they may interpret competence in terms of their love of skillful performance.

    Roles: Both temperaments have a preference for taking Pragmatic Roles so the freedom to choose the next action resonates to both types, as autonomy is the hallmark of pragmatic role taking. Pragmatism means doing what ever it takes to reach a goal, often ignoring rules or social norms. For the ENTJ, that freedom is around devising and getting others to follow a strategy. For the ESTP, that freedom is more often about the necessary tactical actions to get something accomplished.

    Language: The temperament differences come in noticing their use of language, with the ESTP more likely to use language that describes things tangibly and the ENTJ language describes things conceptually.

    Interest: Also note that ESTPs easily tune in to other’s motives and ENTJs are much more interested in structure than motive.
    The key is that although it appears they both want closure, NTJs want decisions made and usually are not likely to change their initial decision whether new information arises that suggest otherwise. STPs appear to want decisions made, but when you scrutinize closer it's the SPs core need for expediency and to have an immediate impact by seeing the fruits of their results instead of closure.

    The hallmark of ESTPs is their need for freedom, which distinguishes their comfort in leading a team, but not supervising. ETJs like to manage and supervise others. ESTPs do not like the feeling of being hamstrung and tied down to answering or responding to subordinates. As I have read, they're either leaders or lone wolves. They would much prefer to be the go-to person in times of crisis, lead projects or ad hoc teams that are focused on a specific goal, but once the goal is met separate the tie until the next time.
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