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Thread: Hap's Type

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Oh yes, of course. That is always in mind.

    The issue with the difference between INTJ and INTP is that most descriptions of either are to describe to the layman (who is usually neither) rather than the differences between the two. Too many people find that there's a lot of overlap. So, you know, there's a difference between an INTP and looking at parts that look vaguely INTPish but may very well be a part of an INTJ.
    If you try to determine your type based upon comparing it to one other type (that you think you may also be) you will find that the more you've analyzed the situation, the less clear things have become. If you simply look at INTP vs INTJ you are only seeing the picture from that specific polarization, what you need to do is compare what type you believe that you are to how you interact with the other 15 types on a comprehensive scale. Think of it like a spider web, with youself in the middle, and the 15 types around you, think of the lines of the web as how you interact, or compare to them. Then compare that to how an INTJ, or INTP seperately would.

    So, I've gone off on a tangent here, but my point is that if you focus too norrowly on something, you will likely miss other important details. Try to detatch from yourself and view your type from many different angles.
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    Stop by at this thread for such matters.

    All questions concerning typology will be treated thoroughly. For all interested in determining type pay me a visit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MEC View Post
    I say I?TP. I because you want to be left alone.T you say what you think.P you're messy and easily bored.As for N/S do you work off facts or hunches?
    I say that I like to be left alone because, well, the people that I'm usually around are very frustrating. When I'm around stimulating people, I can talk and talk and talk until the cows come home.

    I probably should explain. I hate talking about things that are 'there.' Facts that are already there. I mean, they're there, why should we be talking about it? We all already know that it's 'there.' But I'm surrounded by people who always talk about what's 'there' and I get so easily bored with it and therefore I've locked up and seem very, very much like an introvert. However, I don't feel the need to exert control over people.

    I may appear messy but that is no synonym for 'sloppy,' and usually my scheduling is extremely organized. I know that I need to put everything where I can find it, and because of 'out of sight, out of mind,' I need to keep things out, so it looks 'messy.'

    I say what I think unless it'll cause problems. Now, is this Te striving for efficiency or Fe striving for harmony? I have no idea.

    Facts versus hunches sounds like too simplistic of a description of N versus S, too. I mean, everyone is forced to work with facts, and everyone is forced to work with hunches. Also, the differentiation among S types is Si versus Se, one who works with what one knows and one who responds to the immediate situation. 'Facts' to one wouldn't be 'facts' to the other.

    This is the same system that's used in all the online tests except for the cognitive processes ones. It may occasionally be accurate, but nonetheless it's too simplistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEC View Post
    Sorry just trying to help I am new to MBTI not up on functions yet ,don't SI SE also changes with I or E too?This is the second time today I have been shot down now I know why ISFJ don't post much on forum
    J types are introverted sensors, P types are extraverted sensors.

    It's not an affront to your type, or even a personal affront, because I'm just looking for a more in-depth understanding of this whole MBTI-type.

    You've got to learn to live with us T types... we're not trying to hurt your feelings, even though we're blunt.


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