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    Default Type my friend please :)

    I've been trying to work it out but i can't, so if you think you could help i'll be very grateful.

    -she likes to be outside as she hates being stuck at home but she tends to seek out places she knows there will be few people
    -she has a very mischievous side, she does things to people knowing the reaction it'll cause and that she'll get away it, that's her sense of humour
    -she's very good at working people out and she believes most are easy to work out and when someone isn't then she becomes very interested in that person, she'll openly admit she doesn't care for most people
    -she doesn't outwardly express her emotions and has even said she doesn't cry in front of people and she just feels uncomfortable when people cry in front of her
    -she's comes across as moody
    -she has a weird interest in death
    -she has alot of common sense and isn't afraid to correct people
    - if she has a point to prove she'll go out of her way to do it but it always tends to involve manipulating others
    -she is very supportive of those she cares about and goes out of her way for them
    -she's very bright
    -she's very independent

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    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

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    I'm sure I may be very inaccurate considering that I am using information that is from someone about someone else. I would say ENTP because of her near-sociopathic nature.
    I have a similar friend who I have had trouble typing because of his indifferent nature. He is very mischievous and is seen as either really funny or really intimidating. He is manipulative, and kind of immature. Although, I have realized that he is very mature when he is serious. Is is my second most intelligent friend of my acknowledgement. I have recently identified him as an ENTJ because of this. He generates a lot of chaos, but is extremely organized in doing so, mostly to test people and observe their reactions. I do the same thing when we are together. He is my voice, allowing me to extravert a bit. A lot of his personality I can see as him portraying his manifestation of power, in which he can be prejudice, arrogant and generally associated to being better than others. He respects me and people enough, usually only mocking other cultures. I am not very traditional, so I am not a target.

    Perhaps your friend may be like him. She seems a bit eccentric and oriented towards an independent yet active type. Also, she seems to orient by logic more than not because of her tendency to argue against others and her not so friendly style of manipulation. So ENTP or ENTJ.
    I could also see ISxx. So, many, variables!
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    Sounds like ESTP, although there isn't much information to work off here.

    What exactly do you mean by "working people out"?

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