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Thread: Type Me Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevlisZero View Post
    I think my current function order should be something like Fi>Si>Ni>Te. Is it possible for Si to replace Se or Ni to replace Ne?
    Your function order doesn't give you a dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior. It merely gives your top four preferences.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    I think you are an ISFx.

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    Based on your first post on this thread + your avatar pic, I'd say ISFJ.

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    It all comes down to Si vs. Ni it seems...But I still can't figure out which one I use more. (I have Fi/Fe in there too, just in case )

    - Comfortable doing the same things over an over again
    - (Fi-Si loop) Recall stupid things I did in the past and feel like an idiot
    - Enjoy watching movies I've already seen before, sometimes more than watching new movies

    Si that doesn't fit me
    - Tradition & history
    - Mementos, photo albums, collections for memory
    - Good memory for detail
    - (Fi-Si) Analyze past experience to figure out what made me feel a certain way
    - Look at past experience to find solutions

    - Hold many interpretations in my mind without committing to any one interpretation
    - Transformation (maybe, not sure)
    - (Fi-Ni loop) "Even if I change this, it won't matter because it's all still meaningless, and I don't foresee that changing."

    Ni that doesn't fit me
    - Magical "knowing" moments

    Si + Ni?
    - "Nothing I've ever tried has ever worked, and I don't foresee things being any different this time, so why bother trying?"

    I don't have any strong moral convictions or ideals or anything fancy like that. I hold the belief that there aren't really any absolute or universal morals, just choices and consequences. I used to be fascinated by philosophy and morality, but now I don't really see much point. Just be compassionate and considerate, and that should be enough.

    In interpersonal settings, I'm not focused on other people and don't tend to notice how people feel. I'm generally off in my own little world, occasionally giving short responses to show that I'm paying attention. If someone says something I disagree with, I probably won't say anything, unless it's something I find really offensive (toward some group), then I'll ask them why they think that.

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