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    Default Type and Enneagram Me

    I was initially very confused about MBTI, but managed to make some breakthroughs of understanding when I realized that I was an Extravert. I was hoping that maybe if I got saddled with some of those funny Enneagram numbers/letters I could maybe start feeling Enneagram out as well. I've tested as 7 and 8 in casual tests on sites I cannot recall. If you want to MB type me, feel free.

    Now for the data... I'm mostly going to stick to my very current and present behaviours and outlooks. I'm not sure I'm capable of representing earlier info in any useful manner due to situations and my mindset.

    I don't know what to say I guess I'll just blab stuff.

    (reading below tends to make me think I'm an 8.. but I'm not a very pushy person, and in my unhealthy states I'm not anywhere near as externally destructive as those level descriptions read, and I've hit lows in my life)

    I have authority issues. I don't hate authority, it's just that I have trouble treating people in charge of me as 'regular guys'. I just as assume just put them in a different social class. But, on the flipside, or maybe on the same side, I resent the idea that anybody is of an lesser or greater value as a human than another person.

    I kind of like to control stuff that I'm involved in, but I don't really have the energy to devote to actually being in charge of things, so I tend to not be very territorial and often tell myself just to let stuff go when it's not going my way because of other people. I fully accept that I'm just not really good at somethings. It doesn't really hurt my feelings to admit that.

    I have a strange relationship with unpleasant things in life. I tend to put them out of my mind for a bit then deal with them in an all out manner. Anything that I've tagged as a potential problem will be dealt with, but until that time I resent and ignore them. I'm actually very affible, but if I get a whiff of disrespect from somebody I'll make it a priority to address it right away.

    I want to feel free. I want to feel like whatever I'm doing is exactly what I've chosen to do. This is impossible to accomplish.

    I like people a lot, and I connect to people better on the individual level. I think that if I sat down with somebody and chatted, I could always find a connection. I think that if a third party were listening outside my conversation, and attempt to connect, they might find me off putting. I guess I don't feel very comfortable as a 'performer' to a general audience. This doesn't always stop me from talking too much about strange subjects.

    Family connections aren't near as strong with me as I wish they were, and neither are friendships. I love my family, each in their own very specific and thoughtful way, and I value all my interactions with them very much. But I'm a very bad people gardener. I don't do maintenance well.

    Oh, and my favorite things to do is anything that expands my possibilities. I love buying tools for that reason. I love learning things that open up new things for me to think about. I pick almost everything based on how many new doors it opens for me.

    Hmmm, let me know if I can volunteer any other info to help.

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    ENFP 7w8 imo.
    My overall impression of you is that you are in the head triad (5,6,7). The desire for control suggests a 8 wing. (I'm bad at reasoning my typings )

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    I don't think you're an 8 but 7w8 could work.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    8>7, imo. just a vibe, i could be wrong.

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    You sound a lot like me, to be honest! I have a similar problem with the authority and just want to be free. As Rasofy suggested, you could be an ENFP/7w8. That's what I am.
    ^ This seems like it would describe you a lot.

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