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    Haha, thanks! Hey, I was busy OKAY!! :P (And had a guuurrrlfriend :3)

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    Initial assessment:

    Mum - ENFP (very sensitive and hyper aware of people - and everything else - so needs alone time as gets overwhelmed with this, however also, bizarrely, outspoken and emotionally expressive to the point of being insensitive when in company)

    Dad - ISTJ (set in their ways, loves systematising, order, safety, not at all over-emotional or hyper - the exact opposite of ENFP!)

    Brother - INFJ (serious, shy, loves routine and repetition, yet this masks a deep and much more enthusiastic inner self which comes out with those he feels comfortable with)

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    Your mom's an ENFP and your dad is an ISTJ, no clue about your brother. Definitely an IxxJ though
    I really like cats and food.

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