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    You might be a 6 who goes to 3w4 (competing against others in goodness) under stress. Looking at these:

    1. I feel the need because I feel like I'm surrounded by filth and stupid people. It's a way of distancing myself from the rabble.

    2. I think with activities like those, there's always a slippery slope. There's always the possibility that one can be addicted to things like that and I'm not willing to take that risk. What makes this especially inconvenient is that I get horny constantly throughout the day.

    3. Pure = good. If one spends too much time making an ass of himself/herself, then he or she runs the risk of not being good anymore. They are merely "complicated" and complicated equals messy, and as I've said in the OP, I don't like mess.
    All three involve the avoidance of things that are feared (1. Contamination, 2. Lack of control, 3. Self-debasement). This comment:

    One thing that people sometimes say about me is that I seem angry or irritated much of the time, whether by appearance or what I say and how I say it. It's almost always unintentional, but it has the ironic effect of making me irritated and I want to tell them to fuck off. But I don't because I'm aware of the consequences.
    suggests the characteristic reactivity of 6, and ever-present awareness of the power of authorities (social authorities, in this circumstance). It's the sort of passive aggression that stays under the punitive authorities' radar, while pushing back against perceived attackers.

    The 1 fixation isn't so much on the avoidance of and defense against these things, but on the assumption that the person must obviously already be above all these things, and that suggestions to the contrary must not be tolerated. If they were, that would be an admission that the person is bad, even as they make mistakes. That's why hypocrisy is a temptation of the 1.

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    Hmm. I don't really relate to the 6. Anxiety is not really much of an issue with me. Envy has been, though, and also guilt.

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