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    Quote Originally Posted by Nijntje View Post
    i'm terrible with typing. However the thing that makes me think you and erm are both INFP's are your blogs, the imagery and music, combined with moments of both self doubt and whimsy in yours, Outty, seems to me to be quite fi +ne.

    As for erm, his self improvement blog was candid and at times very soul searching, which appealed to me as infp self reflection. However, i could be wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalViolet View Post
    Actually it's the pictures you use for avatar over the years. They seem to scream to me anyway, I have a rich inner world full of symbolism. You kinda have this distance, not quite present way about you.
    Thank you for explaining.

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    I know derails are great fun but I think I speak for all of us in saying that we really would appreciate serious opinions on how we come across to people. I'm wondering what would make that work better? I did try answering a questionnaire but it just doesn't work well for me as a medium of self-expression, I can't think of a way to hold the answers together in a way that appeals to me and trying to complete it is very frustrating if not downright exhausting. (My left eye may or may not have started twitching when I got to the "How does your body feel? What does your heart want?" questions.)

    Individual questions are easier to answer because I no longer feel the compulsive urge to work everything into a cohesive, structured narrative. So if you have any of those, ask away.

    I feel cheap and dirty, like an attention whore.

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    I love how everyone in this thread is an INFP .

    How do you come across? I have to get to work but I'll start a few quick things here.

    @senza tema: I think you're very fun, and adorable. I like that you stood up for something about the rep comments, and that otherwise you are very easy going. I like your enthusiasm for all things True Blood and your quirky comments to people. (in the true blood thread I remember you called YWIR "my love" and it made me smile it was so cute.)

    @Nijntje: um, because you are amazing and totally cute and awesome and stuff. You is the INFP who can actually be super chatty when she wants to be, but can also go off into the secret INFP land of kittens and marshmallows.

    You iz BOTH yummah versions of the INFP.

    I shall return later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erm View Post
    Between the four of us, we have scraped together enough significance to have a "type me" thread.

    Please proceed to type, in any system you think relevant, @The Outsider , @senza_tema , @Nijntje and/or @erm .

    @The Outsider ISTP ,
    @senza_tema INFP , INFP
    @Nijntje ENFP
    and/or @erm ESTP

    Right, now that we are done with that lets all go on a lovely picnic.... to Jupiter yay!

    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    @The Outsider
    I am unsure of my perceptions of what types you tend to convey yourself as and so I will withhold the types you currently type yourselves as until proven otherwise.

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    When I think of @Nijntje, I think of bubbles that pop with laughter and shrapnel.

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    Okay fine, I'll go first

    1. What are 5 key qualities about you, and what is each of their direct opposites?

    I am stable, the opposite of that would be volatile.
    I am calm, the opposite of that would be stressed.
    I am happy, the opposite of that would be suffering.
    I am lazy, the opposite of that would be productive.
    I am deceitful, the opposite of that would be honest.

    2. Now explain why each of the opposites COULD be you and why it might be GOOD to be that opposite characteristic. Own them even if they are negative traits.

    I can be volatile when I lose my metaphorical sense of direction. It could push me out my comfort zone, which could lead to new opportunities.
    I can be stressed when facing fears. Stress can lead to productivity.
    I suffer occasionally, of course. It can also lead to productivity.
    I am productive whenever there is external pressure. I want to be a lot more productive.
    I am honest with myself, at least in the long-term. Again, more honesty would be nice. More control over my honesty even nicer.

    3. What would you say to a 5-year-old child if he or she asked you what the purpose of life is?

    Purpose is a dodgy word to use, but best I can tell, it's to find truth and maximise your own happiness.

    I would go into explaining the specifics, but I'd rather not preach to a child.

    4. What type of advice would you give that same child on how to survive in this world?

    Be productive, be aware of how others think of you, take the time to doubt everyone's motives, including your own. Gain skills and knowledge that keep you on top and ahead of society.

    I say those specifically, because the more important things to survival are also the more obvious.

    5. If you were told you only had one year to live from today, and it was 100% guaranteed that you would die exactly 1 year from now, what would you do in that year?

    Meditate a lot. Not sure what else.

    6. Why aren't you doing this now?

    I am doing it at a slower rate, because I have a longer future to prepare for.

    7. What do you really want in your truest self?

    Insight, critical thinking, lack of bias and happiness.

    8. What have you substituted/settled for compared to what you really want?

    Not much, unless you count accepting the laws of nature over fictional versions I would prefer.

    9. What are your defense mechanisms?

    Lies and masks.

    I withdraw and go silent, assuming I wasn't already doing so.

    I retreat and reconnect with my "direction".

    If it gets more extreme, and a person is perceived as the threat, then I will likely lash out with some personal attack.

    10. What are some good habits that are needed for living a healthy adult life?

    Self-awareness, self-analysis, self-training (especially mental).

    11. What are you like in relaxed and non-threatening situations?

    If it is unfamiliar, I am quiet and shy.

    If it is familiar, a bit louder and jokey.

    12. What does your heart feel like it needs and wants?

    My metaphorical heart feels like it wants to be left alone to its imagination.

    13. What condition is your heart in right now?

    It is quite happy imagining things.

    14. What does your head say it needs and wants?

    My metaphorical head says it wants to feel overwhelmingly positive sensations, and discover useful new truths.

    15. What condition is your mind in right now?

    It is okay.

    16. What does your body say it needs and wants?

    My metaphorical body says it wants health, money and security.

    17. What is the condition of your body right now?

    It's not pleased.

    18. Which do you trust the most in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    My metaphorical head, because it can think the most rationally.

    If there is little time to think, my metaphorical body, because it analyses on a basic level far faster than my metaphorical head.

    19. Which do you trust the least in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    My metaphorical heart. In almost every situation, it would want me to retreat from others, if I haven't already, and sit there imagining things all day.

    20. What is your predominant fault?

    My so called lethargy. It only manifests when there is no outside influence pressuring me, but that is still pretty devastating to myself and those around me.

    21. Think of a time when you felt at ease and connected to yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    I'm pretty sure I just felt powerful and superior.

    22. Think of a time when you felt anxious and disconnected from yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    I'm pretty sure I just felt weak and inferior.

    23. What is an addiction or urge that seems to drive you as almost as if you’re not in control? Almost like an alien force that drives or pushes you down.

    I guess lethargy again, as a lot of me will be pushing against it, but getting nowhere.

    24. What things do you feel you cannot do because they might jeopardize your survival?

    Other than the obvious I suppose.

    Well I prefer to keep things contained. Sharing seems fine if you target the right people with the right information, but to do it generally seems to gain no benefit whilst bringing some risk.
    Staying calm and collected is very important as well, but I thought that was obvious (it's given as an example in the question).
    Not having skills that coincide with the direction of society. Seems like I would be left behind if I did not keep up or overtake.

    25. What do you need in your life to face your fears?

    Time or peer pressure. Both have worked consistently.

    26. What is your own personal mission statement?

    The whole truth and happiness thing. Not the whole "obey my whims and desires, look for truths that interest me", but ruthlessly and impassionately pursue happiness, and acknowledge truth seperate from the ego.

    Pretty vague again, but I'm not going further into it on an internet questionnairre.

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