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    Default Type my friend..

    I work with this guy who I considered an enemy in the beginning with whom I became friends with at some point. Probably BFs for whatever that means for anybody out of school for an appreciable length of time. He's probably not an enigmatic personality, I just suck at typing, as I may have mentioned before. He's very obviously an Extrovert and a Judger, and probably a Thinker. Not so sure on Sensor vs iNtuitive.

    He represents himself very consistently as an aggressive person and is essentially adversarial. He's a headbanger, had long hair and wore Iron Maiden shirts back in college. I didn't know him then, but I saw him. Now he keeps his hair shaved and drives a large cc motorcycle to work.

    I became aware of him when he singled me out as some sort of chump. At the time I would take my coffee breaks with a couple of very lovely ladies. I got up to get a napkin and when I came back I found that he shifted over and was sitting in my seat as some sort of power move. I made a spectacle of myself and confronted him till he backed down. He would also mess with my programs and shit on the mainframe to make me crazy. It was a constant battle with this guy.

    At some point we started talking about geekery, and it was all cool, and he's pretty much the most loyal friend ever and it's a hell of a lot less tiring being his friend. And the dude is sharp. He has like 5 comebacks for any given situation, if you're around him long enough you hear them repeating, but they come out *fast*. And he knows pretty much everything when it comes to trivia. He's read Ulysses just to make fun of other people who did and liked it, and keeps up with sports just to be able to talk to other people about it.

    He gets angry if he doesn't feel like he's being compensated appropriately, and very angry if he feels somebody who he feels is less smart is elevated over him.

    He's also amazingly afraid of failure. I think that's the only reason he's where he's at in life, he's afraid to try new things and fail.

    Oh god, piss him off and you're toast, it gets nasty. He'll rip into you for weeks at a time. He'll try to find your buttons and push them. Back when I had more weight on and I pissed him off, he'd call me fatty, basically find anything that I might feel bad about and try to get that knife in there. The best way to piss him off is to make him feel like you abandoned him as a friend. If you're a girl it takes half as much to hurt him. It's a very butthurt, vulnerable type of hurt, so I really take his shit in stride out of supreme empathy.

    While he plays tough, his wife pretty much has him on a leash. She might be INTJ.


    Yesterday I told my wife, "What's that high pitched noise I hear, is the dishwasher broken? Oh, it looks like you're fine."

    Don't be a wuss, Qlip. Come to the concert. What's $50? Are you just gonna buy another Buffy DVD? [wank off gesture]

    [To Boss during Group Meeting]
    We'd be able to make the deadline just fine if Tom wasn't such a fuck up.
    [Tom, who technically has a higher title gets red and impotently quips back]

    Haha. BFFs are the best.

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    I dunno. ENTJ?

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    Sounds liks an ESxP of some sort, enneagram 8w7 perhaps (or 3w4), socionics SLE/ESTp.

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    ESTJ -- Iron Maiden being a clear hallmark of the type.

    Megadeth is more ISTJ

    Metallica = ISTP

    These are just some of the equations I learned in my life.
    "Man is free, but his freedom ceases when he has no faith in it."

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    He sounds ESTP to me.

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    Yeah, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and say that I was kind of thinking ESTP. Enneagram 8w7,perhaps?
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