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    Default Limit's questionnaire and my answers <3

    I'm pretty sure of my type (from research, asking here in the past, and online tests). Other types aren't out of the question, though, and I hope this questionnaire can sort it out and bring whatever type it is that I am to clarity. All types in the poll have been suggested before (by people or tests).

    If you believe in tritype,.. I'm having trouble figuring mine out, so I'd love to see opinions.

    1. What are 5 key qualities about you, and what is each of their direct opposites?

    Example: “I am nice. The opposite of that would be cruel.”

    I am soft-hearted. The opposite would be cold.
    I am creative. The opposite would be uncreative.
    I am open-minded. The opposite would be closed-minded.
    I am unique. The opposite would be commonplace.
    I am loyal. The opposite would be traitorous.

    2. Now explain why each of the opposites COULD be you and why it might be GOOD to be that opposite characteristic. Own them even if they are negative traits.

    Example: “I am nice. The opposite of that would be cruel. I guess I can be cruel because I never tip waiters. Tipping waiters encourages them to stay at these jobs ‘….’”

    I am soft-hearted. The opposite would be cold. I knowI am cold when people really upset me and my emotions shut off. Being cold as opposed to soft-hearted would mean much less hurt,and perhaps more happiness, in a way, since others' emotions would not distract you from finding your own happiness and you'd be unaffected by people's tears.

    I am creative. The opposite would be uncreative.Sometimes, at school or work, I couldn't be creative- I had to follow instructions, and not create new ways of doing things, in order to be efficient (in order to make money, or learn to make money, to survive).

    I am open-minded. The opposite would be closed-minded. I can be closed-minded when it comes to me being wrong about some of my strongest held beliefs. My personal feelings and beliefs are so important to me, and are like a glass chest no one should poke or pick the latch of.

    I am unique. The opposite would be commonplace. I am commonplace when I try out for a job or I am at work. I have to conform somewhat to be able to live among people.

    I am loyal. The opposite would be traitorous. It is hard for me to think of a time I've betrayed someone because, even if someone has hurt me, I am endlessly forgiving and seeing them getting hurt or angry makes me feel horrible. I suppose I was a traitor those times when I've cut contact with friends who treated me like trash. In other words, I can't always be loyal because there are people who are not true friends and not worth it.

    3. What would you say to a 5-year-old child if he or she asked you what the purpose of life is?

    Note: You’re talking to a young child so keep the answer short and brief.

    "It's different for everyone. You'll know what I mean someday."

    4. What type of advice would you give that same child on how to survive in this world?

    Note: You’re talking to a young child so keep the answer short and brief.

    "Follow your heart, but don't forget to use your brain, too. Try to stay strong even when bad things happen. Be yourself."

    5. If you were told you only had one year to live from today, and it was 100% guaranteed that you would die exactly 1 year from now, what would you do in that year?

    Note: Your health will be fine all the way up to the end.

    1) Make peace with people I've wronged. Resolve conflicts with others, as many as I can, to get a sense of dying in "peace".

    2) Spend as much time as possible with friends, family, and loved ones and make sure they know how special they are to me.

    3) See as much of the world as possible and hopefully write a book about it.

    6. Why aren't you doing this now?

    1) I'm very skittish when it comes to confronting people about intense feelings that are really bothering me. I can vocalize that I'm hurt, upset, or offended, but I have loads of trouble pointing out the source. It's hard forme to be direct and say "you know... When I did (thing here), I was wrong and I'm sorry."

    2) I spend a lot of my time shut inside and isolated because of social anxiety activity and fear of failure. Also, like I said, I am very uncomfortable expressing intense feelings. I feel like saying "I love you", "You're a great friend", or "I'm so glad to know you" may lead me to being hurt or taken advantage of. Also,being around people for extended amounts of time makes me uncomfortable.

    3) I lack a lot of confidence and feel at a loss as to what to do with my life. This means no job and no money. It feels so out of reach. I want to work so I can make money to travel, but I feel so lost as to where to work... where do I fit in? I can't waste my time doing work which doesn't make me feel fulfilled and significant.When I write, I'm told I can do it fairly well, but to me, it's not good enough. Not deep enough. Not original enough. I want to impact people... to make them understand my ideas.

    7. What do you really want in your truest self?
    To achieve a complete understanding of myself, the world around me, and the universe as a whole an d inspire others to do the same.

    To inspire others to be happy and move forward; bring about change,love, peace,and harmony.

    To love and be loved in return.

    8. What have you substituted/settled for compared to what you really want?

    Not having very many good friends. Letting people walk on me. Not having a medium in which to express myself. Spending many days doing nothing at home, when I could be out seeing things, learning about things, and gaining worthwhile experiences.

    9. What are your defense mechanisms?

    Sometimes people don’t realize what their true defense mechanisms are because they are working at 100% efficiency. You may have to really think about this one.
    Another way to look at the question:
    When you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious about a situation, what do you generally start to do?

    Try and back-out of it and run away. If I can't I'll start feeling really emotionally-defensive/-reactive and afraid. Once I've shut everyone off, feel guilty and self-loathing.

    10. What are some good habits that are needed for living a healthy adult life?

    Know your body and treat it as a good friend. Balance work and play. Regularly take time to meditate or relax. Treat others with understanding, tolerance, and respect. Be your own best friend. Express your feelings; don't let negative ones build up.

    11. What are you like in relaxed and non-threatening situations?

    Generally happy and laid back. Constantly sorting through ideas and imagining scenarios which are hard to express, so off in daydream land Prone to going into private laughing fits. Generally positive about people. Surprisingly snarky and observant for someone who seems clueless about a lot of things.

    12. What does your heart feel like it needs and wants?

    Identity, meaning/purpose, acceptance, recognition, true love, and true friendship.

    13. What condition is your heart in right now?

    Very sad lately. I'm longing to feel a connection with someone else.

    14. What does your head say it needs and wants?

    To learn about people, imagine things, create. To be stimulated with topics such as psychology, human rights, and book/movie meanings/symbolism. To be able to kind of give me a bit of a poke when I lose touch with reality.

    15. What condition is your mind in right now?

    It is focused on this questionnaire, but it's also daydreaming about romance.

    16. What does your body say it needs and wants?

    Needs? Rest, perhaps. It feels worn out.. Wants? Comfort and closeness to someone else, for sure.

    17. What is the condition of your body right now?

    Sitting here. Looking at a computer screen. Pretty relaxed.

    18. Which do you trust the most in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    Generally, I believe in listening to my heart. I think that if someone looks deeply enough into their heart, they'll find the answer to many things. For some decisions, though,I really do need to use my head. I have to logically sort out what really is possible for ,me and what is just too idealistic and impossible.

    19. Which do you trust the least in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    Body. My body isn't the strongest in the world. And... well... it's my body. I'd think that one's body tends to just want things out of instinct, but we've evolved past instinct. We have emotions and thoughts..

    20. What is your predominant fault?

    My biggest is my tendency to look at myself in the most negative way possible. My lack of confidence sets me back from many, many things.

    21. Think of a time when you felt at ease and connected to yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    Myself: I'm not as bad as I say I am. I need to just stop making mountains of molehills. I need to just try my best... It's all I can do. I can't be perfect and that's okay.

    Others: When it comes down to it, there are ways that I'm not just a freak. Everyone is so different and have different goals and things that make them happy. Not everyone wants to hurt me. They, tool, seek love and acceptance. they also know pain, but just deal with it differently. How can I really hate anyone? Everyone has such value.

    World: Everything is just in balance. With all bad will eventually become good, I don't mind this, since we are all one with the world around us and everything that is meant to happen will.

    22. Think of a time when you felt anxious and disconnected from yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    Myself: Who am I? I'm not a person. I'm an alien. ano one will ever relate to me. No one will ever love me. I'm selfish. Freak.

    Others: Others can REALLY make me upset, but how can I blame them? They're only human. I should blame myself,not them. I'm such an idiot... only considering my own needs and lost in my bubble.

    World: So many people are suffering.So much is fake and corrupt.No one cares or feels compassion towards anyone else. Everything will ease to exist due to war because mankind can't stop being obsessed over things which, in the grand scheme of things, really don't matter (such making more money than they need to survive which will just go towards controlling people or towards ultimately meaningless things like huge mansions with fancy swimming pools).

    23. What is an addiction or urge that seems to drive you as almost as if you’re not in control? Almost like an alien force that drives or pushes you down.

    "Alien". No, not the movie(s). The idea of being one.. It is like... I am me, a living being, but I feel my thoughts feelings cannot be related to those around me. Sometime, I feel I've lost connection with myself, too. Since I'm so scared of how I come off to people, I... can come off as very strange (some would say creepy).

    Aside from that, knowing that neither the world nor I can be perfect actually does bother me.

    24. What things do you feel you cannot do because they might jeopardize your survival?

    Example: “I can not express my feelings, because I feel like I need to be cool, calm, and collected to survive.”
    “I have to be right. I can not afford to be wrong.”

    I have to hold my tongue. Many weird thoughts which can't be expressed well with speech go through my mind, and expressing them could lead to social shunning. Trying to express my ideas verbally in the past has left me very lonely, and I never want to be without a shoulder to cry on.

    I can't be cruel and hurt people for any reason. I hate having enemies. I do not feel I could survive with enemies.Peace is necessary to

    I can't let people constantly "take care" of me. Because of my awkwardness,emotional sensitivity, and child-like ideas about how the world should be, some people treat me (or think of me) as a huge child. I cannot survive if I'm never able to take care of myself and solve my own problems.

    25. What do you need in your life to face your fears?

    The ability to take apart the "fear" and think deeply about what causes it,.and, of course, confidence and a strong heart.

    26. What is your own personal mission statement?
    "You may only live once, so live like it's a miracle everyday. Absorb knowledge. Love freely. Don' be afraid to dream. Know the world is balanced, so no matter how bad it may be, light is around the corner.

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    6w7 sp/so


    INFP 2w1 > 9w1 > p6w5 so/sx

    That should be a fairly close analysis, although I'm not exactly perfect at this.

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    I think 4w5 is just as likely, but I could be wrong since 2 is a type I don't know very well. I see a lot of need for love, but all types need that, not just 2. Those answers really don't sound so different from what I would give, actually.

    @Moonflower, I would suggest looking at the levels of development for both types here: I don't know if you've already seen this or not, but I found it very helpful in determining my type.

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    xNFP sounds about right - remember, ENFPs can be quite introspective and reserved.

    Enneagram-wise, I'm torn between a few types. In terms on probability, I'd rank: 4w5 (introspective and pensive, "feeling alien") > 9w1 (peace-seeking and "generally positive about people") > 6w5 (making mountain out of molehills, integration towards 9 brings inner peace) > 2w1 (feeling guilty about being "selfish"; more likely 4 desintegrating towards 2).

    Instinct: you seem like a Sp/Sx, or possibly a Sx/Sp, though your goals may indicate having So-like "cravings".


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    Curious... for the person who voted ISFP, why?

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