Hello everyone, some time ago I came across the MBTI, and I thought it was quite interesting, I did some research on it and it seems that it is not really widely accepted by the scientific community, I mean it was made by two individuals with little to no scientific background based upon the psychological writings of one of the earliest and least scientific psychologist, however I also found that in some cases it can show similarities between people, but that would likely be true for any test one would compile and then hand out. If a certain amount of people answer similar questions, then surely they have something in common, right ?

Despite this, for what ever reason, I am still interested in what my type would be, and I found the online tests to be a bit iffy, I'd rather be typed by people who actually read Jung and his work or have a deeper understanding of the whole concept.

Anyway I guess I'd start with some of my external characteristics/characteristics I display in the outer world. In school I never had a problem with authority or listening, I am always courteous, when I first did some work in a company I was quite orderly and shy/introverted, for some reason, I am a bit too careful/scared in informal environments (though the place I worked at was quite formal and full of friendly people).

At home however I am very unorderly, I don't care if the environment is well structured here (my room is more often than not a mess).
Even though I often listened and was well mannered in school (excluding some periods, where I liked to chat since I was comfortable with the subject) I was not really studious, when I came home I didn't care much for school, I usually played video games or passed the time in an other way, I was not that terrible in school, quite average (looking at the general population, however I would type myself as terrible though, I even failed one class in HS because of depression/depersonalization for which I never sought any help for or did anything about, I was kinda out of it)

Despite being seemingly more on the introverted side, I was never really asocial in HS, I am quite funny and did like to chat with some people, however I never went to any parties or cared about them or their social lives, I still mainly have the same friends I got in grade school, not really caring much about the people I met in HS.

Some of my internal characteristics would be that I am always thinking about the future but never really preparing for it, well sometimes I do, but sometimes I just force myself to stop thinking about it, since my mind wandering in the future and contemplating future possibilities becomes tiresome and annoying. I am very picky and certain about stuff like consumer items, I will never settle for a lesser item if something better is available to me. I don't seem to like my age group that much (late teens), I only really like children since they appear to be so unspoiled and well behaved to me, and some adults.

From fictional characters I guess I would compare myself to Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment in certain aspects, however my brain seems to be too scattered (not that I really want it that way, I am trying to better myself in that aspect, slowly).
From real life figures I can not find anyone to compare myself too.

Give it a shot if you will, also feel free to ask anything if you are interested.